Dark Shadows

ABC (ended 1971)





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  • Although at times a bit campy, this unique and classic daytime drama still stands apart from the crowd because of its amazing writing, cinematography, and you can\'t leave out Barnabas...

    Though the beginning of this series had its odd moments...who can forget David\'s mother the Phoenix. ? ? ? From the time that Barnabas makes his first appearance, you can tell this show is going to be unlike anything else of its period. In the vein of such gothic classics as Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre, Dark Shadows is set in an old house \'Collinwood\', that is as much a character in the series as any of the regulars. Though it seems campy at first glance, it is that campy quality that adds to the charm of the show. It is amazing to watch the actors and creators of this show mature as the show does, until it becomes something truly unique in the world of television. Many have tried to copy Dark Shadows, but none have been able to mimic its gothic feel and truly original development.

    Any lovers of such modern classics as Buffy, Angel, Forever Knight, Kindred, or readers of Anne Rice, Sherrilyn Kenyon, or Amanda Ashley are incouraged to check out this one of a kind television show. Though at times it is very much a soap opera...it never leaves you disappointed.