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  • A Classic that was also Unintentionally Funny. The combination makes this one of my all-time favorites.

    I was born roughly four months after Dark Shadows originally went off the air, so I came to the show only through the Sci-Fi Channel's re-airings of the show during the 1990s. When I first started watching it, it immediately felt comfortable--like a childhood memory. The more I watched, the more fun I had with it. It had all of the melodrama of a soap opera, all of the silly monsters of the horror genre of the 1960s, plus the camp and silliness that ensued from the lack of proper editing.
    At times, the show felt like amateur hour, considering the fact that flubbed lines and other bloopers were often left in because of time and money constraints. This just added to my adoration, however. I love the drama and the storylines (well, most of the storylines, anyway), but I also love laughing at the obvious mistakes--bad line readings, people wandering on set when they shouldn't be, the omnipresent boom mic, even a fire burning on the set while the cast was forced to continue shooting a scene.
    I have great admiration for the cast that was forced to work under such conditions. More than that, several of the performers were quite talented--including the beautiful Joan Bennet, an accomplished movie actress in the 1930s whose movie career ended after her husband shot one of her business managers, and the Oscar-nominated Grayson Hall. Dark Shadows will always have a special place in my heart. Now, if only we could get a new series. (Yes, I'm looking at YOU, the WB.)
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