Dark Shadows

ABC (ended 1971)





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  • It was one of the first shows to place a villian in such a gray light that you would almost hope he could win. There is still nothing like it today.

    This show is not only a trendsetter but it is still unique today. We have not yet to duplicate all the componets of it in any other show. It was one of the first shows to make a villian three dimensional. Barnabas Collins is a villian that you understand and are compassionate about his issues. You can see things from his point of view. This show combines the elements of meladrama with supernatural, time travel, witches and vampires. Today, such shows could only be producted on nighttime television with serial plots. You can see componets of this show in night time television such as: Buffy, Angel, and Charmed. On a low budget with exceptional actors, it charmed and delighted fans. I use to run home after school to watch it. It is one of the only soap operas that was made into DVD. There is still nothing like it today.