Dark Shadows

ABC (ended 1971)





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  • Truly way ahead of its time!

    When Dark Shadows first appeared in 1966, it set a new standard for the Horror genre on television. True, the staging was faulty, but the storyline and the fact that it was presented as a daytime soap opera was something brand new! No one had ever tried a gothic Horror romance for house wives and it became a cultural phenomenom. It may have been the times themselves that led to"Dark Shadows" being so beloved, but whatever the cause, it was a a true classic in the making for television. The time treading Collins family and all the supernatural creatures that joined them at Collinwood in pre-Stephen King Maine were a fun-filled fright fest that never seemed to end. Perhaps, the best reason to watch "Dark Shadows" was not because it was the"in" thing to do, but because it was television history in the making and just plain old good fun! Something that is truly lacking in television today!