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ABC (ended 1971)





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  • Dark Shadows can be classified as a Classic, Ahead of its time, Cutting edge. In 1966 ABC was the New Kid on the Block and had to come up with programing to compete with CBS and NBC. A haunted Soap Opera? The Occult, on daytime TV? HOMERUN! It wo

    I first started watching Dark Shadows in Nov.1968. I had heard about it from kids at school, but was never able to see it until then. My first episode was one where Tom Jennings gets a stake driven through his heart. Then Adam kidnaps Victoria Winters and tries to bring Eve back to life, but Adam is killed and Victoria rescued by none other than, Barnabas Collins. My brother, best friend and I would never miss an episode. My Friend and I got our 3rd grade teacher to tune in and she was hooked. The first fifteen minutes of class was a review of what had happened the previous day. All in all, I was a total fan. However, the story lines could be long and drawn out. Sometimes it seemed as though it got lost within itself to the point of being boring. Compared to todays standards, especially in the area of special effects, Dark Shadows seems cheap and low budget, but it was the story lines that made the show a hit. The biggest problem I had with the story lines was that just when things got really interesting, intense to the point that you couldn't wait for the next episode, it change gears, slowed down. It almost seemed like the entire stoy line changed. Still, this was one of my all time favoite programs. I wish I still had those two sets of trading cards.