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    DARK SHADOWS originally aired in the afternoon in 1966 as a half hour gothic soap opera, but as the shows progressed over the first few months from mystery gothic to supernatural suspense we are introduced to the character of Barnabas Collins played by Jonathan Frid. Mr. Collins represents himself to the family as a distant cousin who just arrived from England. Hanging in the entry hall of the manor house is a portrait of the original Barnabas Collins from the 1700s, which bears a striking resemblance to the new Mr. Collins. The Collins family live near the coastal town of Collinsport, somewhere on the coast of Maine. The Collins family has money, breeding, and position in the Collinsport community the show moves slowly and deliberately, and was in no hurry to move from storyline to storyline. Instead, it relied on shadows, ghosts, mysteries, lightening, vampires and anyone who sought love. Hollywood screen star Joan Bennett played the Collins matriarch Elizabeth Collins Stoddard; Grayson Hall was Dr. Julia Hoffman who tried cure Barnabas. Lara Parker was Angelique, in the service of Josette Dupres (Kathryn Leigh Scott), Barnabas's true love, but Angelique was jealous of the love Barnabas had for Josette, and vowed both of them would suffer. The show is famous for the occasional slip-ups, goofs. Sometimes you could see the crew, or the ever-present Boom mike over someone’s head. Once I saw the shadow of a camera in a basement. DARK SHADOWS concentrated on plot and character rather than cheap thrills, and would deliver quality suspense and plenty of spooky moments.
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