Dark Shadows

ABC (ended 1971)





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  • Things DID go bump in the night...

    ...and I was prepared to swear they did. I watched this show as a really young kid after school. It scared the bejeebers out of me such that I remember being paralysed with fear when it was over. Not wanting to let my Mom see that, I would manage to fake my way out of the paralysis, and then come back for more the next day! At bedtime, I remember I used to turn on my light from the safety of the doorway, and then just KNOWING there were vampires and werewolves under my bed, I would leap from the doorway to my bed and then call my Dad to "kiss me goodnight" and turn out the light on his way out!

    I can remember vividly, "Barnabas Collins"; the tortured figure, and remembering that despite my fear of him there was something I liked about him; felt sorry for him. I remember, albeit more vaguely, a pretty lady in black and a werewolf...boy, I dreaded the full moon episodes.

    But can I tell you? Even though I have watched most vampire shows since this one, I wish there was a show on TV today that could similarly capture me, such that I felt the need to leap into my bed from the safety of the doorway...