Dark Shadows - Season 4

ABC (ended 1971)



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Episode Guide

  • DS-365
    Episode 90
    Disturbed by her nephew's insistence that he is haunted by a ghost, Elizabeth Collins-Stoddard reluctantly agrees to hold a seance in her home. During the seance, the ghost, Sarah Collins, chooses to speak through the governess, Victoria Winters. During the ceremony, the lights go out, and when they return, Victoria is gone, replaced by a woman in period clothing.moreless
  • DS-364
    Episode 89

    Sarah appears and speaks with Barnabas. Elizabeth has disheartening news for Victoria. Sarah also warns David that someone at Collinwood is in danger.

  • DS-363
    Episode 88
    Tony catches Carolyn going through the safe in his office. Carolyn tells Tony that Julia is blackmailing her family with the information in the notebook. Tony talks to Julia about the notebook. David sees Sarah's ghost. Julia talks to Barnabas at the old house.
  • DS-362
    Episode 87
    Julia is locked in her room, being haunted by Dr. Woodard. Barnabas opens the door. Julia accuses Barnabas of trying to drive her crazy. Barnabas meets Carolyn outside the front doors of Collinwood. Barnabas tells Carolyn to break into Anthony's office and get the notebook. Carolyn goes to Tony's apartment after they have dinner. She steals his office keys. She makes and excuse and leaves. Julia takes with Roger when he returns and finds out Carolyn is seeing Tony. Julia goes to see Tony. Tony catches Carolyn going through his safe at his office.moreless
  • DS-361
    Episode 86
    Julia asks Sarah for protection from Barnabas. Julia gets locked in the mausoleum and hears someone crying than hears a cackling laugh. Julia sees blood coming from the mausoleum walls. The gate to the mausoleum open, Julia leaves. Julia sees Carolyn at Collinwood. Carolyn leaves Julia all alone at Collinwood. Julia is haunted again by Dr. Woodard's ghost.moreless
  • DS-360
    Episode 85
    Julia goes to Anthony's office to check that the notebook is still locked in the safe. While entertaining Joe, Maggie gets a visit from Julia. Julia wants to borrow Sarah's doll from Maggie. Julia decides to visit the Collins' mausoleum. Sarah's ghost appears to Julia, she is upset the Julia helped Barnabas kill Dr. Woodard.moreless
  • DS-359
    Episode 84
    Julia tell Mrs. Johnson that she is having trouble sleeping. Carolyn kisses Anthony by the fountain. Julia confronts Barnabas about Dr. Woodard's ghost. Barnabas claims he is also being haunted by Dr. Woodard's ghost. Barnabas promises to work things out with Julia.
  • DS-358
    Episode 83
    Barnabas sends Carolyn back to Anthony's office to try to get the notebook. Barnabas tries to make Julia think she is going crazy. Barnabas conjures up the ghost of Dr. Woodard to frighten Julia.
  • DS-357
    Episode 82
    Carolyn asks Julia for the notebook. Roger gets a visit from a local lawyer Anthony Peterson. Julia gets the notebook from the grandfather clock. Julia asks Anthony for a ride into town. Julia asks Anthony if he could lock the notebook in his safe. Carolyn stops by Anthony's office and tries to get the notebook.moreless
  • DS-356
    Episode 81
    Julia warns Barnabas that her notebook on the experiments will be handed over to the police should any fate befall her. Realising that he still poses a threat, Julia takes steps to ensure the book's safety. Julia hides her notebook in the grandfather clock at Collinwood, Barnabas plans to kill her as soon as Carolyn can find it. Barnabas tells Julia that sooner or later he will have her notes and then kill her.moreless
  • DS-355
    Episode 80
    Carolyn begs Barnabas to spare Julia, but he is adamant and demands that she retrieves Julia's notes. Meanwhile, the residents of Collinwood and Julia become concerned by Carolyn's change of personality. Carolyn is unable to find the notebook. Julia suspects that Barnabas is planning to kill her.
  • DS-354
    Episode 79
    Julia tells Carolyn to stop following her. Victoria plans to take David to Boston for a few days. Julia hypnotises Victoria again and takes her to the Old House, showing her the sleeping Barnabas and warning her of his plan to make her one of the living dead. Carolyn finds out that Julia is hypnotizing Victoria and tells Barnabas.moreless
  • DS-353
    Episode 78
    Carolyn is confused by Victoria's sudden antipathy towards Barnabas and questions Julia about the girl's sudden lapses in memory. Carolyn tells Barnabas that she is convinced that Julia is working against him.
  • DS-352
    Episode 77
    Carolyn looks outside the window in the foyer and looks at the sunset. She goes into David's room. She wakes him up, and he asks her why she is in his room at 6:00 in the morning. Carolyn tells David that she did not see Sarah (lies!) and that if he doesn't stop it he'll be sent away. Later, Carolyn sees Julia and asks what she is doing. Julia tells her she came to tell Vickie that the two crystals from the chanderleer do not match. Carolyn leaves but secretly hides on the landing in the foyer. Julia hypnotizes Vickie in another room, and Carolyn sees them leaving from the landing. Julia takes Vickie to Josette's room. She tells him that Barnabas is trying to turn her into Josette, and that she should remember this in her subconciousness. Later, Carolyn asks Vickie how her walk with Julia was. Vickie tells Carolyn she never went on a walk, and leaves to teach David his lesson. Carolyn questions Julia about the walk. Julia tells her that she and Vickie went out to get some fresh air.moreless
  • DS-351
    Episode 76
    Barnabas bites Carolyn. Later, in Josette Collin's room, Carolyn is at rest. Julia enters. Julia tells Carolyn about what happened. She asks Carolyn some questions, and Carolyn replies that she feels in place at the Old House. Barnabas enters and talks to Carolyn about what has happened. At Collinwood, Elizabeth is getting worried. She tells Roger this. Roger says she probably has a late date. At the Old House, Barnabas tells Carolyn that she will be helping him, and that if she does a good job he will give her everlasting life. He tells her to leave before anyone at Collinwood starts to worry. Barnabas tells Julia that he needs to get another person to protect him during the day, and she volunteers. Carolyn arrives at Collinwood. Elizabeth asks Carolyn where she has been, and Carolyn says she has been taking a walk. Later that evening, Carolyn comes downstairs and looks at the portrait of Barnabas and touchs her neck wound.moreless
  • DS-350
    Episode 75
    Julia volunteers to be Barnabas' victim, however he turns down her offer. Barnabas remains in his aged state. Carolyn visits the Old House and wanders into the basement, where she encounters Barnabas, who attacks her to restore his appearance.
  • DS-349
    Episode 74
    Barnabas has reverted to his true age and is left weakened and in need of blood. Realising he must feed to restore his appearance, a pang of conscience leaves him unable to attack Victoria. Carolyn plans to investigate David's story further.
  • DS-348
    Episode 73
    Carolyn wakes up in the middle of the night and sees David staring at her. David says he was just checking to make sure she wasn't dead. David gives her a toy soldier to protect her. Sarah appears to Carolyn, making Carolyn believe that David might be telling the truth about other things. CArolyn tells Elizabeth not to send David away. David is upset because Dr. Wooodard saw Sarah right before he died. Julia prepares another treatment to reverse the aging that Barnabas has experienced, however the experiment fails and Barnabas ages his entire body.moreless
  • DS-347
    Episode 72
    Barnabas' confidence in Julia's treatment increases as he begins to feel the results. Meanwhile, worried of his plans for Victoria, Julia hypnotises the girl and shows her Barnabas in his coffin. Barnabas' hand has changed to that of a very old man.
  • DS-346
    Episode 71
    This episode starts with Vicki in Josette's room at the Old House. She is wearing a bridal veil. Julia and Barnabas enter. They both comment on her beauty. Julia then leaves the room. Barnabas shows Victoria a body bag in the room. He tells her that Burke is in there. Victoria then wakes up. It was all a dream! Carolyn had woken her up. Carolyn offers sympathy to Victoria, but Victoria says that she does not need it because Burke is coming back. Meanwhile, at the Old House, Julia is looking through Josette's things. She feels the presence of someone, and she believes it's either Josette or Doctor Woodard. She hears the Victoria entering the Old House. They talk, and Julia pretty much tells her (Not in these words) to bug off and leave Barnabas alone. Victoria doesn't understand her bahavior. She later has Barnabas come to Collinwood, and tells her of how Julia acted. Julia enters with flowers, apologizing. Victoria goes to get a vase, but when she returns she finds the flowers are dead. Later, Julia is working in the lab and Barnabas pretty much tells her not to get jealous of Victoria.moreless
  • DS-345
    Episode 70
    Mrs. Johnson comes to Elizabeth with bad news. She just heard that a plane, owned by the same company that owns the flight Burke is on, crashed. Elizabeth tells Mrs. Johnson that she will phone the airline about it. The airline tells her that they do not yet have the passanger list and they tell her they will call if Burke was on it. Meanwhile, at the Old House, Barnabas and Julia talk about Josette. Barnabas and Julia leave for Widow's Hill, where Josette jumped off. Meanwhile, at Collinwood, Victoria enters the room and talks about Burke and their plans together. At that moment, the airline called saying that Burke's plane had crashed and that a search party had been organized. Victoria feels faint after learning of the news. She insists on leaving for a walk. Meanwhile, at Widow's Hill, Barnabas talks about his uncle's bride (The history of Josette & Barnabas was changed 20 episodes later when the show went back to 1795) and how he loved her and how she died because she was frightened. Victoria comes towards them. Barnabas says that Julia can go back inside even though she doesn't want to. Victoria says that she can understand why those widows had jumped off the hill and wonders if she should do it too. Barnabas tells her not to do it and says that she will one day, very soon, be wearing a bride's dress.moreless
  • DS-344
    Episode 69
    Sarah's ghost visits David. She tells him about the death of Doctor Woodard. She tells him something terrible happens but then disappears after he asks what is going to happen. Elizabeth enters and is going to tell him about Dr. Woodard's death but finds that David already knows. She thinks that he must have overheard them talking about his death. Victoria wants Burke to consider continuing to live at Collinwood by restoring one of the wings. Carolyn talks with David. Carolyn tells her of her imaginary friend from when she was nine. Carolyn and David hear Sarah play. David tells Carolyn that an accident will happen to someone they love. Burke must leave for South America that night. David says goodbye like he will never see Burke again. Burke and Victoria go for a walk and Victoria hears the wail of the Widows of Widows Hill.moreless
  • DS-343
    Episode 68
    Julia wants to stop the experiments on Barnabas. Barnabas convinces her to continue. Burke starts to prepare to go on the trip to South America. Julia tries to convince Burke to postpone the trip because she says Vicki is frail, but in reality it's because Barnabas will try to get Vicki to fall in love with him. Victoria tells Burke that Julia seems to be frailer then her. Julia is very upset about the death of Dr.Woodard. She sees his ghost by the fountain at Collinwood. She starts new expieriments on Barnabas.moreless
  • DS-342
    Episode 67
    Sam comes home to Maggie. Maggie is shocked to find out that Dr. Woodard is dead. She feels responsible and feels his death is linked to her kidnapping earlier. Sam tells her that no one knows if it is murder or not. Burke, Sam, and the sheriff talk about what they think happened to Dr. Woodard in his office. At Collinwood, Burke tells Victoria that he has some bad news. At first she thinks he is referring to his trip to Brazil. He tells her that Dr. Woodard is dead. She is shocked. Julia enters. Burke tells her the news and Julia acts shocked by it. The coroner calls Sam and tells him that Dr. Woodard died from a heart attack.moreless
  • DS-341
    Episode 66
    Julia and Woodard are in his office. Barnabas enters, transforming from a bat to a vampire. Barnabas and Julia inject him with a poision that will make his death look like a heartattack so they can get his notebook on Barnabas and prevent him from telling people that Barnabas is a vampire. Meanwhile, at the Blue Whale, the sheriff comes to Sam Evans. He asks Sam if he's seen Woodard. They have a discussion over where he could be. A woman shrieks outside due to the sight of a bat. Sam & the sheriff decide to go to Dr. Woodard's office. They break down the door and find the body of Dr. Woodard. Julia hears the ghost of Dr. Woodard tell her that 'you no longer have any friends'moreless
  • DS-340
    Episode 65
    Barnabas demands that Julia helps him to kill Woodard. Julia tries to talk Woodard into keeping quite, but he will not cooperate. Barnabas appears at Woodard's office.
  • DS-339
    Episode 64
    Woodard manages to gain access to Julia's bedroom and finds her notebook on the experiment, which he steals. Roger is upset with Elizabeth's invitation to let Burke and Victoria stay in the West wing. Later, Barnabas and Julia discover that the book is missing.
  • DS-338
    Episode 63
    Woodard's confrontation convinces Barnabas that he must maintain his secret, warning Julia to destroy all her notes relating to the experiment. Elizabeth invites Victoria and Burke to live in the West wing after they marry so Victoria can be close to David. Julia appeals to Woodard in an attempt to save him.moreless
  • DS-337
    Episode 62
    Dr. Woodard continues his research at the cemetery and makes an unexpected discovery. Roger wants to send David to military school but Elizabeth will not allow it. Now convinced that he has uncovered Barnabas' secret, Dr. Woodard goes to the Old House to confront him telling him that he saw his sister Sarah.moreless
  • DS-336
    Episode 61
    Sarah shows Woodard the secret room, but she disappears before he can learn more. Victoria asks Burke to postpone their wedding until David is better. Julia is shocked to learn that Woodard believes that Sarah is Barnabas' sister and has returned with a purpose in mind.
  • DS-335
    Episode 60

    A psychiatrist is called to Collinwood to examine David. Elizabeth tells Burke that an odd clause in an old family will makes it difficult to sell Seaview. Dr. Woodard believes that David's state is linked with Maggie's ordeal.

  • DS-334
    Episode 59
    Burke and Dr. Woodard tell David that they didn't find anything in the Old House basement. David decides to tell them about the secret room in the mausoleum, breaking his promise to Sarah. As soon as Burke and Woodard leave, the window to David's room bursts open, and David fears that it's Sarah showing him her anger. At the mausoleum, David takes Burke and Dr. Woodard to show them the secret room, but the door will not open. Later, David finds Sarah's flute.moreless
  • DS-333
    Episode 58
    Barnabas demands an explanation for David's intrusion. David runs away to Collinwood where he announces his findings. Burke and Dr. Woodard go to the Old House and search the basement but find no coffin.
  • DS-332
    Episode 57
    Julia tries to persuade Roger to send David away to school. David decides to investigate the Old House and finds an empty coffin in the basement but Barnabas catches him.
  • DS-331
    Episode 56
    David is attacked by a bat. Roger and Elizabeth are puzzled by David's claims that Barnabas is terrorising him and make plans to enlist a psychiatrist. Barnabas attempts to convince Roger to send the boy away. Sarah visits David and warns him again to stay away from the Old House.
  • DS-330
    Episode 55
    David comes in the Old House but is stopped by Julia. David is suspicious that the basement of the Old House is locked. Roger tries to understand why David is suspicion of his cousin. Barnabas makes plans to deal with David. After returning home, David is attacked by a giant bat in his room.moreless
  • DS-329
    Episode 54
    Willie regains consciousness. Barnabas orders Julia to kill Willie. The sheriff questions Willie but Willie appears insane. Barnabas and Julia are glad when the sheriff tells them that Willie's is clearly mentally unhinged.
  • DS-328
    Episode 53
    Barnabas orders Julia to kill Willie. Barnabas is concerned that the evidence against Willie is not strong enough so he hides Maggie's ring in Willie's room for a search party to discover. The sheriff is announced that Willie came out of the coma.
  • DS-327
    Episode 52
    Sarah visits David again and as they talk, he realises that the place in his dream was the basement of the Old House. However, Sarah warns him that if he goes there, he will be in danger. Sarah also tells David that Willie did not kidnap Maggie.
  • DS-326
    Episode 51
    Barnabas is concerned because Willie is still alive and may wake from his coma. Willie's life continues to hang in the balance. Julia calls upon her powers of hypnosis to deal with David, but David runs off after he recognizes her medallion from the dream he had last night.
  • DS-325
    Episode 50
    David continues to be terrified of Barnabas. Barnabas questions David but David doesn't tell him anything. David dreams that Sarah takes him to the Old House and reveals the secret of Barnabas who rises from his coffin.
  • DS-324
    Episode 49
    Willie remains in a coma. Julia tells Woodard that she suspected Willie for some time, but he maintains that the abduction has a supernatural dimension. David is sure that Willie was not responsible for what happened to Maggie. David remains highly suspicious of Barnabas.
  • DS-323
    Episode 48
    The police discover that the intruder was Willie, now barely clinging to life. Julia assures Barnabas that he will almost certainly die, maintaining their secret. Barnabas feels that he has to do something about David.
  • DS-322
    Episode 47
    Julia persuades Barnabas to spare Maggie, by claiming that she has written a letter to the police, which she tells Willie does not exist. Willie is concerned that Barnabas plans to kill Maggie. The police shoots an intruder entering Maggie's room.
  • DS-321
    Episode 46

    Willie unsuccessfully attempts to persuade Barnabas to spare Maggie. Sarah pays Maggie a visit, managing to enter and leave unseen. Willie tells Julia that Barnabas plans to kill Maggie.

  • DS-320
    Episode 45
    David is tormented by a nightmare of Barnabas baring his fangs. Burke becomes suspicious of Barnabas and Julia. Barnabas learns of Maggie's restored memory and vows to deal with the matter, despite Julia's protests.
  • DS-319
    Episode 44
    In a desperate attempt to flush out Maggie's kidnapper, Sam and the sheriff decide to leak the false news that her fragmented memory is beginning to return. Sam pretends to be drunk and lets it slip that Maggie might be starting to remember. Willie tells Barnabas what he heard.
  • DS-318
    Episode 43
    Dr. Woodard questions David about Sarah. Sam and Woodard decide to take Maggie out of Julia' s care. Barnabas decides to kill David, but he is stopped by Sarah's presence.
  • DS-317
    Episode 42
    Barnabas finds David's pocketknife in the secret room. Barnabas is now certain that David has found out his secret. A visit to the mausoleum by Woodard and Sam begins to convince them that Sarah is actually a ghost.
  • DS-316
    Episode 41
    Barnabas tries to take David back to the Old House. David refuses to provide Barnabas with answers and seems scared of him. Barnabas reprimands Willie and is convinced David poses a threat. David is afraid that he is being watched as he sleeps.
  • DS-315
    Episode 40
    Barnabas joins the search for David. Inside the mausoleum, Sarah shows David the way out of the secret room and starts to run home but runs into Barnabas.
  • DS-314
    Episode 39
    After an encounter with Sarah in the woods surrounding the estate, Willie realises that she may have told David about Barnabas and warns Julia of the danger any knowledge would place the boy in.
  • DS-313
    Episode 38
    At the mausoleum, the caretaker notices that it has been disturbed. When David calls out for help, he becomes scared and leaves. Roger and Joe search the mausoleum, however David is asleep and doesn't hear them until they leave.
  • DS-312
    Episode 37
    Barnabas' attack is disturbed by Joe and Carolyn, returning from the search for David. The sheriff broadens the hunt to the Old House, and demands access to cellar containing Barnabas' coffin.
  • DS-311
    Episode 36
    David panics when he realises that he is trapped in the mausoleum. Joe and Carolyn search for David after being missing for several hours. While talking with Victoria, Barnabas is overcome by his vampire instincts and bares his fangs to attack her.
  • DS-310
    Episode 35
    Barnabas goes out to search for Sarah. David decides to search for Sarah at the mausoleum, looking in the secret room. Willie and Barnabas go to the mausoleum and David has to hides in the coffin in order to not be seen.
  • DS-309
    Episode 34
    Barnabas is furious when Julia tells him that Sarah has visited the Old House, fearing she will expose him. Victoria gets Burke to apologize to Barnabas for investigating him. Julia senses Sarah's presence. Barnabas is convinced that Sarah will appear to him too.
  • DS-308
    Episode 33
    Joe and Sam question David about Sarah. Julia is forced to justify her treatment methods to an angry Sam, after David reveals that she has been investigating Sarah at length. Sam thinks Julia is doing nothing to help Maggie. Maggie discovers a doll that was left by Sarah in her bedroom.moreless
  • DS-307
    Episode 32
    Joe and Sam face a difficult decision as Maggie becomes increasingly upset by her confinement to the cottage. Victoria points out to Joe, Sam and Maggie that Sarah keeps popping up. Victoria tells Burke that she will only marry him if he stops his investigation of Barnabas.
  • DS-306
    Episode 31
    David and Sarah open the coffin and they find it empty. Barnabas tells Victoria about Burke's threat to delve into his past and investigate his affairs. Victoria is appalled to learn the news and offers her support. Barnabas senses Sarah's presence at the Collins Mausoleum.
  • DS-305
    Episode 30
    Barnabas begins to worry that Julia's experiments are having an adverse effect on him. Barnabas plans to kill Burke. Julia tells him to let her handle Burke. Sarah shows David the coffin hidden in the secret room in the mausoleum.
  • DS-304
    Episode 29
    Burke questions Willie about Barnabas. Julia is convinced that she must make contact with Sarah, and goes on an expedition with David. Burke demands that Victoria stays away from Barnabas.
  • DS-303
    Episode 28
    Burke investigates Maggie's abduction. Joe and Maggie try to restart their relationship. Burke makes enquiries about Barnabas as his suspicions grow. Maggie remembers a tinkling music. Victoria is confused by the preoccupation of the music box.
  • DS-302
    Episode 27
    Julia and Barnabas discuss Sarah and her reasons for coming back from the dead. Victoria agrees to marry Burke. Barnabas is livid to discover that Victoria has accepted Burke's proposal and makes a telling outburst. Barnabas is now eager to complete Julia's therapy and vows to prevent Victoria's marriage to Burke.moreless
  • DS-301
    Episode 26
    Burke's proposal leaves Victoria with a difficult decision to make. Elizabeth agrees to sell Seaview to Burke. Burke and Barnabas share a drink at the Blue Whale and exchange veiled threats about their pursuit of Victoria. Burke calls in England to check Barnabas' story.
  • DS-300
    Episode 25
    Victoria is haunted by the sensation that someone entered her room while she was sleeping. Barnabas is worried to learn the news that Burke has proposed to Victoria and states that Burke Devlin must die.
  • DS-299
    Episode 24
    Julia urges Barnabas not to pursue his relationship with Victoria further, warning that it will cause trouble. Barnabas overhears a conversation between Burke and Victoria and is upset by their intimacy. Barnabas attempts to bite Victoria, but is unable to.
  • DS-298
    Episode 23
    Burke asks Elizabeth if he can purchase the house on the seafront for Victoria. Victoria succeeds in helping Maggie regain some of her memories, but Julia is able to renew the hypnosis.
  • DS-297
    Episode 22
    Sam continues to fear for Maggie's safety. Barnabas is shocked to learn of Maggie's visit from Sarah. Entering her room to during the night, he is confronted by a ghostly presence.
  • DS-296
    Episode 21
    As Julia revels in her work to maintain Barnabas' secrets, he remains unconvinced that her hypnotism of Maggie will remain successful. Now desperate, he renews his plans to kill Maggie.
  • DS-295
    Episode 20
    Maggie's return to Collinsport sends shockwaves through the community. Barnabas is terrified to learn that the girl's memory has returned, but Julia's intervention prevents him being exposed. Maggie's memory returns to normal except for the period of time which she was abducted.
  • DS-294
    Episode 19
    Victoria, Barnabas and Burke share an uneasy evening in each other's company. Sarah appears to Maggie in her room at Windcliff and engineers her escape, leading her back to Collinsport. Maggie walks into the Blue Whale and passes out.
  • DS-293
    Episode 18
    Victoria is overjoyed to discover an archaic house near the seafront. Burke hints to Barnabas that he is suspicious of his past and of the influence he has on Victoria, with intentions to investigate.
  • DS-292
    Episode 17
    Julia's presence at the Old House arouses Woodard's suspicions. Meanwhile, Sarah reveals to David that Maggie is still alive. After doubting her presence, Victoria finds Sarah's cap on the floor.
  • DS-291
    Episode 16
    Barnabas is outraged by Julia's gloating revelation that she knows his secret and is determined to kill her. However, she makes an intriguing offer that saves her life and offers him hope. Julia tells Barnabas that she may be able to cure his "condition".
  • DS-290
    Episode 15
    Victoria begins to develop a fear of the past. Julia implies that she knows something about the "original" Barnabas Collins that Barnabas would be interested in. Barnabas goes to Julia's bedroom during the night, intent on killing her, but is shocked to discover that she is waiting for him.
  • DS-289
    Episode 14
    Barnabas finds himself unable to attack Victoria. Meanwhile, Julia continues to investigate Barnabas at the Old House and discovers him sleeping in his coffin in the basement.
  • DS-288
    Episode 13
    Julia continues her investigations at Collinwood, asking David for information about Sarah. Later, she visits the Old House and meets Barnabas and is shocked to discover that he casts no reflection.
  • DS-287
    Episode 12
    Barnabas struggles with his instincts over Victoria. Elizabeth allows Julia to stay at Collinwood as a researcher. Julia wastes no time in making her presence felt around the Collinsport estate.
  • DS-286
    Episode 11
    As she sleeps in Josette's room, Victoria is awakened by Sarah's singing. Barnabas begs Willie to prevent him from attacking Victoria and is shocked at the discovery of Sarah's ball.
  • DS-285
    Episode 10
    Carolyn and Burke are concerned that Victoria is becoming to wrapped up in Josette and the past. As Victoria pays an evening visit to the Old House, a violent storm prevents her from returning to Collinwood. Barnabas seizes on the opportunity and suggests that she spend the night in Josette's room.moreless
  • DS-284
    Episode 9
    Julia is intrigued to see that Maggie reacts to Barnabas' name in fear and decides that the clues lead to the Collinwood estate. Julia arrives at Collinwood, where she poses as a visiting historian.
  • DS-283
    Episode 8
    Burke is unimpressed by the music box and Victoria's growing interest in the life of Josette. Later, they almost encounter Julia and Maggie, as they visit the cemetery in an attempt to restore her memory. Maggie becomes upset when Julia takes her to the Collins Mausoleum.
  • DS-282
    Episode 7
    Elizabeth is concerned that Victoria is becoming obsessed with Josette Collins. Maggie's fragmented memories seem to lead back to the Eagle Hill Cemetery, making Julia decide that they should pay it a visit. The music box has a marked effect on Victoria's behaviour.
  • DS-281
    Episode 6
    The séance continues and Victoria channels the spirit of Josette, reliving the moments before her suicide at Widows' Hill. Barnabas gives Victoria the music box as a gift.
  • DS-280
    Episode 5
    While the residents of Collinwood enjoy Barnabas' hospitality at the party, Elizabeth senses a ghostly presence. An indulgent Roger begins a séance. Barnabas is very reluctant. Victoria goes into a trance.
  • DS-279
    Episode 4
    Victoria and Carolyn prepare for the party the next evening. At the request of Victoria, a reluctant Barnabas invites Burke to the costume party, indulgently suggesting that he adopt the guise of Jeremiah Collins, his old rival.
  • DS-278
    Episode 3
    Barnabas plans the costume party. Victoria is very excited about the party, but Elizabeth still has some reservations. Victoria selects one of Josette's dresses from the Old House to wear at Barnabas' costume party. Barnabas is disturbed by the sight of Sarah's dress amongst the old clothes. Later Sarah appears and finds her dress.moreless
  • DS-277
    Episode 2
    In an attempt to gain Victoria's affections and divert Elizabeth from her recent troubles, Barnabas decides to hold an ancestral costume party, suggesting that Victoria goes as Josette. At first Elizabeth is reluctant, but later agrees to go to the party.
  • DS-276
    Episode 1
    Barnabas and Willie dispose of Jason's body in the mausoleum, where Sarah appears by her grave. Meanwhile, Maggie recognises Sam's sketch of Sarah and continues to reveal fragmented memories. Later, Sarah appears at the mausoleum.
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