Dark Shadows

Season 3 Episode 6


Full Episode: DS-401


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Barnabas bribes one of the servants and enters the New House at Collinwood to interrogate Ben. Ben says he doesn't know who the witch is. Ben gets frustrated and hits Barnabas over the head with a bottle. Ben escapes Collinwood. Barnabas is found by a servant and Joshua tells him to leave. Barnabas finds out that Victoria has been jailed after Reverend Trask turned her in. He now believes that Angelique is most likely the witch. Barnabas finds where Ben is hiding and finds out that Ben can not tell Barnabas who is the witch because he can not speak her name in that fashion. Barnabas tells her about how Victoria will be killed for witchcraft. Barnabas then tells Ben to write the first letter of the name of the witch. Ben makes a 'V'...Barnabas says "V for Victoria". Ben then makes a mark in the V which makes it an A. Barnabas then says, "A....for Angelique"

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