Dark Shadows

Season 3 Episode 12



Full Episode: DS-407


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Angelique tries to clean her blood off the carpet, but is not able to remove it. Naomi comes to the Old House to see Barnabas. Angelique tells her that he left last night on business. We see Barnabas upstairs, appearing very ill and delirious. Naomi enquires about the blood stain, and is told that it was from wine. Naomi tells Angelique that she should stay with her at Collinwood, but Angelique refuses Naomi's hospitality. Naomi hears Barnabas moan, but is told by Angelique that it is just the stairs. Back at Collinwood, Naomi is worried. She talks to Joshua, and Joshua tells her that he is not concerned because he has become more independent in the past. Joshua thinks that Barnabas ran off with Josette. At that moment, Josette and Natalie enter the room. Josette tells of the feelings she has that something bad has happened to her Barnabas. Naomi tells her that Barnabas is not in Collinsport, but Josette does not believe her. She and Natalie decide to go to the Old House Angelique wants Natalie and Josette out of the Old House because she supposidly has a lot to do. Natalie demands that Angelique listen to them. Barnabas, upstairs, hears Josette and Angelique talking. He moans Josette's name. Josette runs upstairs to him, and Angelique is restrained by Natalie as this occurs. She runs into Barnabas' room and finds him on the floor, asking for her. Josette sees the bitemarks. Josette tells Barnabas that it is her, but Barnabas is delirious and does not believe her at the moment.moreless
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