Dark Shadows

Season 3 Episode 14



Full Episode: DS-409


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Josette is upset about what the book says about how she dies. Natalie tells her it is all lies. Josette wants to see the fate of Barnabas. According to the book, it was Jeremiah who met Josette in Martinique, which is false and never mentions her engagement to Barnabas. It says that her marriage with Jeremiah was an unhappy one, and also mentions Barnabas was in love with Josette, which is of course true. It says that Barnabas left for England. Josette becomes upset because she does not know if she should believe it. Meanwhile, at the Old House, Naomi sits by Barnabas, who, in his delrium, is ranting about the bat. Joshua comes into the room, and tells Barnabas how stupid he has been by excommunicating him from his family. Barnabas tells his father how he remembered that during the American Revolution, when his father was wounded, he had cried. He stopped because he thought his father would be ashamed of himself. Barnabas had then promised himself he and his father would from then on live peacefully. Barnabas tells Joshua to keep Angelique away from him, and Josette enters. Josette promises Barnabas that he will live and go to England and become prosperous like the book says. Barnabas promises to Josette that he'll come back again. He then dies, and Josette goes hysterical, screaming. Meanwhile, downstairs, Naomi and Natalie are waiting. They hear the squeaking of a bat. Naomi wants to go to Barnabas, but Natalie tells her not go. They see a bat fly through the house. Joshua comes downstairs...and tells Naomi that Barnabas...has died. Natalie has to revive Josette with smelling salts. Josette can't believe Barnabas is dead. She mentions the book. Natalie responds that the book tells vicious lies. Joshua tells Naomi, Josette, and Natalie that he will not tell people that Barnabas died of the plaque infear it will ruin the business. He will instead tell the public that Barnabas had left- for England!moreless
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