Dark Shadows

Season 1 Episode 7

Episode Seven

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 08, 1991 on NBC

Episode Recap

1991- Barnabas talks to Willie and Julia after the seance and the discovery that Victoria has gone back in time. He tells them that he remembers when Phyllis Wicke appeared in Collinwood long ago. She had survived an overturned mail carriage and survived the injuries, but later caught a fever and died. They fear that if she dies from a fever in the 1990's then Victoria will be trapped in the 1790 forever.

1790- Victoria walks through the garden surrounded by fog. She meets two children, Sarah and David whom she calls out too. He corrects her that his name is Daniel. She hears Barnabas calling to them and when he approaches he doesn't recognize her either. They are all dressed very strangely to Victoria, Barnabas comments on her strange clothing as well. He takes her inside the Old House and introduces her to his mother, Naomi Collins, his aunt, Abigail and the countess Natalie Du Pres. They each resemble someone from Victoria's time: Elizabeth, Mrs. Johnson and Julia. Barnabas tells them that she is the new tutor. Natalie comments on how striking her appearance is to Josette. Naomi questions Victoria on the whereabouts of Phyllis Wicke, but Victoria has no idea what has happened stating that she has fallen from her horse and injured her head. Natalie has Josette's maid, Angelique, provide Victoria with some of Angelique's clothing. Abigail questions Victoria about her clothing labels which none of them understand. The three women are astounded when Victoria has no idea what year it is or the fact that Maine is only a territory not a state. Abigail becomes convinced that Victoria is a witch and tries to convince her brother, Joshua Collins, that they should take Victoria to the baliff. Victoria overhears them and runs away to the Collinwood estate, but it is still under construction. She is in despair and tries to call out to the ghost of Sarh for help. She is overheard by a young man, Peter Bradford. he looks exactly like Joe and he is the main builder of the Collins family new home. He tells her to be cautious of Abigail and writes her a proper letter of introduction as the new governess. He will enlist Barnabas's help for her protection. In the Old House drawing room, Joshua Collins reads Victoria's letter. Abigail tries again to convince him that Victoria is a witch. After some convincing by Barnabas, Joshua decides to ignore Abigail and hire Victoria. Victoria meets Jeremiah Collins, Barnabas's brother. That night, Victoria hides her copy of the Collins Family History book that accidently came through time with her. She starts to write a journal of what is happening to her. Angelique sneaks into Barnabas's room and seduces him, mentioning that they had sex previously in Martinique during one of his visits to see Josette. The next day a stagecoach pulls up driver by the Collins family servent, Ben Loomis, who looks like Willie. Inside is the pushy, overbearing fiance of Jeremiah, Millicent, who looks like Carolyn. She is rude to everyone and Jeremiah swears to his father that he will never marry her. Abigail sneaks into Victoria's room and steals her dress. She takes it to the witch hunter Reverand Trask while he tortures a young woman. She tells him what has happend at the Collins estate. He tells her that Victoria must be a witch. Again, Abigail tries to convince her family to get rid of Victoria, but when they learn that Reverand Trask has taken an intrest in the situation they denounce him and tell her to drop the matter once and for all.

1991- Phyllis Wicke wakes up from her restless sleep. She is terrified when she sees an infusion machine, ripping the needles out of her arm and running away. Julia finds Elizabeth asleep in the room and Phyllis missing.

1790- Angelique once again tries to seduce Barnabas, this time he is successful in keeping her away. The niext morning she taunts Ben with a straw voodoo doll and tortures him with it. She hypnotizes him and makes him her slave, telling him that he will remember nothing, but will perform her bidding when instructed. That night Victoria writes in her journal. She hears a coach approaching the Old House and goes to the stairway to see who is arriving. Josette arrives with her father Andre, who looks like Sheriff Patterson. Josette seems to sense a strange presence and looks around. She spots Victoria and they are stunned when staring at each other. No one notices Angelique spying as Victoria mentions that Josette is herself.
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