Dark Shadows

Season 1 Episode 7

Episode Seven

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 08, 1991 on NBC



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    • Victoria (sees Josette for the first time): She's me. She is me.

    • Victoria (Journal Entry): I, Victoria Winters, begin this journal in the hope that no matter what happens to me there will at least be a written record of these extraordinary events. Somehow, I have been thrust backward in time.

    • Angelique: Yours is the hand I will use when mine is too small. You arm when mine is too weak, your eyes when I cannot see. You and I are bound now, Ben Loomis. You will do everything which I command until I now longer need you, comprendez-vous?
      Ben: Yes.
      Angelique: And when I leave this place you will remember nothing and when my mistress returns I will summon you.

    • Millicent: That man who calls himself a coachman has searched out every pothole between here and Collinsport just to give me grief.
      Ben: I never called myself no coachman.
      Millicent: You see the cheek of that man! You should see that he's roundly beaten.

    • Victoria: Where is the Mad Hatter, he must be late for the tea party.
      Natalie: You won't find any hatters here, mad or otherwise.
      Victoria: What about the Queen of Hearts, Countess is she coming?

    • Victoria: My name is Victoria Winters. A seance in the great house of Collinwood has torn a hole in the fabric of time, merging past and present...drawing one woman down through the centuries, offering up another in her place. Now those left behind strive desperately to unlock the mystery of those crossed destinies and the terrible threat they contain.

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