Dark Shadows

Season 1 Episode 3

Episode Three

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 14, 1991 on NBC

Episode Recap

Barnabas waits for Julia to arrive, tormented by the desire to feed. She arrives and injects him with a serum she has devised to conquer his vampirism. It bursts his body into pain and he collapses. He wakes up and feels fine. Julia reviews her notes in her lab. She watches a sample of Barnabas' blood burst into powder in the sunlight.

Barnabas and Victoria walk along the estates. The come upon Widows' Hill and he tells her that Josette died there.

David has a nightmare that a vampire version of Carolyn is chasing him. Victoria stays the night with him and in the morning explores the cemetry. At Daphne's tomb Sarah appears to him and tells him that Daphne won't be coming back again and then she disappears.

Julia works on her serum more and at night she injects Barnabas again. This time it goes better and he can start to see himself in a mirror. He talks to the portrait of Josette after Julia leaves.

Carolyn flirts with Joe as Julia and Woodard fight over the idea of vampires.

Victoria goes to see Barnabas that night. They start to kiss and he almost bites her. He sends her away and Willie goes to get Julia. She injects him with more serum and in the morning Barnabas can stand in the sunlight, although it weakens him.

Roger, Woodard and Sheriff Patterson arrive at the old manor house and demand to speak with Barnabas. Barnabas manages to get to the stairway and stand in the sunlight in front of the men. Patterson orders the Professor to stay away from Barnabas.

Willie stands guard as Barnabas sleeps and his aunt, Mrs. Johnson, arrives with food for him.

Woodard speaks with Elizabeth at the estate, he sneaks into Julia's lab and steals one of her vials cotaining Barnabas's blood. Elizabeth later tells Julia that Woodard came to apologize and Julias realizes that he was in her lab and knows the truth about Barnabas.

A storm rages in Collinsport that night and Woodard is frightened by a sound upstairs in his bedroom. He starts to investigate when a hand reaches out of the darkness and grabs his throat. Barnabas warns Woodard that he has made a serious mistake and now he is a part of Barnabas's universe.