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Dark Shadows Revival Series moved too fast

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    [1]Dec 29, 2006
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    Do you think DS: Revival moved too fast compared to the original series?  I mean after just 6 episodes they were into the past and then in 6 more they were back again.  Don't get me wrong I enjoyed this series.  I am just curious as to what everyone else thinks.
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    [2]Feb 9, 2007
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    I'm about to watch the revival so I'll let you know. As good as the original was, it moved at a snails pace. The hour long, big budgeted version could have pulled this off as there were plenty of storylines to choose from. They had to get to Barnabus right off.
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    [3]May 29, 2007
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    I, too, have often thought that the revival series moved a bit too fast. But, as cybercontroller states, the original moved at snail's pace. I think that a happy medium would need to be met. I think that, if the series were ever to come back, the viewers would appreciate half-season (11 episodes) in the present day and the second half in the past, while alternating between the two time periods. The season cliffhanger can be Victoria's return to the present and realization of what Barnabas really was, which is what would have happened in 1991, but it would have taken us a longer time to get to that point. The following season can be similar, but we jump back to 1897 and Quentin is introduced (in 1991, that's what was planned with Adrian Paul playing the role of Quentin).
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    [4]Aug 26, 2007
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    You're comparing a soap opera to an episodic series. Obviously there's going to be a difference in pacing. But I agree, perhaps the revival series did move a bit fast.
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    [5]Nov 24, 2007
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    I think perhaps that if NBC had given Dan Curtis a commitment for an entire season (22-24 episodes), he probably would have waited a little longer than six episodes before having Victoria transported back to 1790.

    But given the fact that they only had 12 episodes (13 hours) to work with, it made sense for them to explore the origins of Barnabas' vampirism and his relationships with both Josette and Angelique when they did.

    It may seem, in hindsight, like it all "happened so fast," but I think Mr. Curtis (and the rest of the DS production team and writing staff) made the right decision.

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    [7]Jan 21, 2011
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    Good question. It was a weekly series on Primetime so it had to move quickly. The Persian Gulf War coverage (though far more important of course) killed the momentum of the show because it was taken off and forgotten. The first few episodes had big ratings so there is no telling what kind of potential it had.

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    [8]Apr 9, 2011
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    It sounds like there's "Rumbling in Lala-Land". It moved a little slowly for the 90s, actually. They HAD to take care of the complete "Barnabas" history so that you could understand what was happening with him and who Angelique was. The comments mentioned that"they only had 13 episodes so..." They didn't KNOW that when they made it... I think that everything we saw, was already filmed. It's my belief that if Adrian Paul had played Barnabas, that it would have lasted much longer. Many women like the kind of personality that Cross portrayed, but American youth finds it "snobby and gay Adrian Paul was/is a more admirable, young and sexier kinda guy. The success of "Highlander" proved that. Jim Fyfe was a major mistake with his loud, disgusting, over-acting...but everyone else was pretty good. Lysette Anthony and Joanna Going did their own versions of their characters and were equal in many ways. The show was PACKED with hot babes! A slightly flawed yet beautifully-done remake. And don't get me wrong.... Ben Cross was a good Barnabas.

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