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  • Season 1
    • Dark Side Cat vs. City Councilman
      Councilman Goldman, in charge of the "Stray Cat Hunt" captures Ficchi in order to lure out Dark Side Cat. Can Dark Side Cat infiltrate city hall and rescue his comrade?
    • Dark Side Cat and the World of Cats
      The freelance writer tried to infiltrate Dark Side Cat's hangout, but she ends up getting closer to him than she could have ever dreamed when she's turned into a cat herself!
    • Dark Side Cat and the Night Souls Descend
      Pikki's cat Maruru hasn't come back home for a long time, so Pikki goes to look for him, but finds out that he's with Dark Side Cat! Pikki chases after Dark Side Cat, but in the end...
    • Dark Side Cat and the Birthday Night
      A man, after loosing all his money at a casino, tries to steal a present for his son from a toy store, but Dark Side Cat keeps getting in his way for some reason.
    • Dark Side Cat and the Dreamer Freelance Writer
      A young, ambitious freelance journalist decides to find out the truth behind Dark Side Cat, but ends up finding out an entirely different kind of truth...
    • Dark Side Cat and the Lost Child's Mother
      A young mother loses track of her little girl, and is caught up in Dark Side Cat's ongoing battles with the police.
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