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  • I just found this show recently. It's quite entertaining and even follows some stories I've got in my head. They use authentic character names and real events. The depictions of the aliens is very believable.

    The depictions of the greys in this show are remarkable. More realistic than in other shows. However, some of the special effects left a little to be desired. But the story writing is fantastic. I highly reccomend this show to any sci-fi geek. Also, alien conspiracy people. I enjoyed this after hearing about the roswell incident and the Majestic-12 and their alien exchange program which I was hoping to write a short story on
    I do have one question though. Why did the season last only one season? Seems like it was well liked and received by viewers. Maybe now is the time to restart this thing. People nowadays are even more open to the alien question making this an instant hit. Just look at V. It made a resurgence.
  • Entertaining and superb. It reminds me of Pre X-Files and Forrest Gump.

    I just finished watching the first season (20 episodes) of Dark Skies and the last episode leaves you hanging. Frank Bach gets killed and Loengard gets his son back. It's unfortunate the TV Network canceled the show, because I would love to see what happens during the 70's and 80's if the show went on for more seasons.

    I don't think the show was canceled because of Low Ratings. The reason why the show was canceled was because the writers were touching subjects way to close, to reality and Majestic-12 had something to do with the cancellation of the show. Sounds like a Conspiracy?.

    Dark Skies is an American science fiction/drama television series that follows the exploits of an idealistic congressman's aide John Loengard (Eric Close) and his fiance, a secretary to the first lady, Kimberly Sayers (Mergan Ward) through the 1960s as they attempt to foil the numerous plans of the alien Hive - a fictional alien species who are covertly invading the Earth. In the series, Aliens have been among the humans since the 1940's, and only a cover-up by covert government agency, Majestic-12, tasked with fighting the aliens while maintaining the conspiracy of silence has prevented the public from knowing about their existence.

    The best element of the series is its incorporation of an array of real-life 1960's historical figures and real-life incidents into the show's plots, such as the Kennedy assassination and the tragic murder of civil rights' activists in Mississippi. Some of the 1960's personalities utilized in the show include Kennedy, J. Edgar Hoover, Colin Powell, the Beatles, and Jim Morrison. Dark Skies aired on NBC from September 21, 1996 to May 31, 1997 for 20 episodes.
  • Sort of like X-Files, set in the 60s.

    This show aired a few seasons into The X-Files, but I found it more action packed. Maybe they knew they wouldn't be able to go more than a few seasons? Or maybe they planned for one season? Whatever the reason I found every episode enthralling to watch.

    To set a show like this back in the 1960s was very original. And including real life people and events was a very neat twist to things. From the JFK assassination, to Jack Ruby, to the Civil Rights movement, LA Riots and NY power Blackout. The acting was wonderful. And the loss of the main character's girlfriend and child was so sad, that I even felt the loss. I found the ending a little... up in the air. I can't see how they would end a show, or even the series, like that if they knew they were not going to be renewed. There was just too much left unanswered. But I can't see the show going too much further: Bach was killed by an infection subbordinate... or was he? They never showed him dead, just the firing of the weapon.

    Whatever the reason ,it's too late now. The show has been off air over 10 years. But It was definitely one of the best sci-fi out there.

    Maybe in order to keep Sci Fi exciting and interesting, shows should be written with the intention of being short mini-series. That way you do not drag on too much and risk losing the essence of the show.
  • Each week we were told that everything we know was wrong ! "Our" Government was lying to us; either events did not occur at all, or, if they did, there were far more sinister forces at work. If this sounds like today's events

    As an example, one show delt with a UCLA film student named Jim Morrison. His father was the Admiral on duty during the covered up 1964 "Gulf of Tonkin" "attack".

    Seeing the 1991 Oliver Stone movie "The Doors", I finally realized what the event at the beginning of the film was really about:

    At age 4, Jim Morrison had a "psychic" connection with a dying Native American near the town of Roswell, NM.

    Think about it: Why would Military MP's be guarding a crash site, and evacuating a wounded Navajo ???

    Of course !

    This was the famous 1947 Rosewell shoot down, and the Grey colored man was an alien visitor !

    Oliver Stone had the origin of the Majestic-12 Program, but failed to follow up on his story.

    At least "Dark Skies" clearly showed the truth about "our" Government's true plan and purpose.
  • Wow, I remember this show

    It's been so many years since I last watched this show. But back then I remember this show gave me the creeps like no other could. I've always been fascinated with they 'Greys' and the possibility of Extra-Terrestrial life in our universe. And I've always been a little bit weary of our governments. Which is why I guess took a liking to this show. The actors in the show are fabulous and from what I can remember Eric Close's character, John Loengard, acted out one of the best scenes in the series and this was when Frank Bach first showed him the deceased Grey at Majestic.

    This is a great show that was cancelled far to early because of the time slot it was placed in.

    10/10 - Good Acting, GREAT story, and absoltuley terrifying.
  • This was an X-Files like show, set in the 1960's; there were interesting stories, good villains, and the leads did great jobs. But you still couldn't trust anyone.

    Hmm. This was sorta an X-Files like series, except it was set in the 60's during the Kennedy administration; the partners in investigating the weird, supernatural and conspiratorial issues were an almost married couple; and not only were "they out there", they were here, now, and coming to get you. The show is based on the premise that the Roswell landing was no urban legend: the aliens did arrive, and the US Government has been actively hiding it for years. Our young heroes, bright young democratic starlets of the 60's who were 'on their way' to political and social success, find evidence, up close and personal of the aliens and the conspiracy. They then attempt to inform the president, but have to fight for their lives and go into hiding. Many adventures ensue. Oh, and we actually do get to see these aliens on this show: they were horrid and disgusting, reminding me of nothing more than unforgivably huge roaches with pincers surrounded in snot; these were scenes I hated to watch. But the show: Well, I liked it.
  • An X-files set in the 1960s.

    A period piece story that makes sense. I really like this show, set in the 60s. It features jeri ryan in her pre borg days. this show smartly combines historical events with imaginary alien interventions which make the show ever more exciting. Unfortunately, the show didn't last long, it could have had the success of the x-files. eric close plays a great hero. The way the show portrays the 60s look believable, even though they injected creative licenses to make the show enjoyable to watch. the greyliens look realistic enough. this show is not easy to pull off because it's a period piece, but the producers pulled it off really well.
  • Quite possibly the greatest scifi show of the last twenty years...

    This show, as others have stated, was ahead of its time. At a time when scifi shows weren\'t popular due to the large success of X-Files, small and short run shows about scifi topics were lost in Mulder-mania. This small, short run TV show was possibly the cream of the crop when it came to scifi shows with a great plotline and awesome stories. The show\'s creators melded together a fictional story around the Majestic-12 conspiracy with the real events of the early sixties. I have always remembered this TV show in my head due to the unforgettable scenes and sounds of the Hive. I was overjoyed when I found the show was picked up from the vaults by Encore. This has rekindled my love for this show and has made me write this glowing review.
  • A show that challenged our preconceptions while remaining exciting and entertaining, too \"bleeding edge\" for the network stiffs.

    I cannot help but think that Dark Skies would have done well on a cable station like Sci-Fi or FX. The sad fact, proven time and time again, cancellation after cancellation, is that the suits do not know how to handle intelligent, intense SF or horror programing. The recent cancellation of Threshold by CBS and the historical cancellation by NBC of an odd little show called Star Trek nearly 40 years ago seems to bear out speculation that network executives have been grown from the same vat since Ernie Kovacs died.

    Dark Skies was my favorite when it ran. Bringing cultural icons into the struggle against the Grey menace and tying historical events to their activites was a stroke of genius. Convincing acting by new faces made the program nearly believable, and JT Walsh was remarkable in his portrayal of the patriot who would possibly even commit treason to save his country and his world from the alien invasion. Often it was difficult to tell who might have been infected, so the show was not without a level of paranoia. This show is an example of something done correctly but beaten into obscurity by the unenlightened.
  • A show that was killed too soon.

    This is the most outstanding plot I have ever seen in a TV series. The mix of history and science fiction develops excellently, especially the "real" persons like Robert Kennedy, Jack Ruby, Carl Sagan, etc. are introduced subtle and nicely and give the series an extra twist. Charismatic and convincing characters are an extra plus, especially J.T. Walsh as Captian Frank Bach is an excellent cast for the Majestic Commander -- I could not imagine any other acting better. Too bad there was only one season, the story sure left enough possibilities for a second or even third season. By far, this is a show that should have been given a better chance. The excitment and creative mind was there for many more seasons.
  • Unfortunately, because Dark Skies went by largely unnoticed by the general public, it's highly unlikely it ever will be released on DVD...

    This show was most definately underappreciated. Here in Australia, if my memory serves me, it used to run after The X-Files, which to me worked brilliantly. Each show complemented the other. Sure they both had Alien themes, but they were in no way similar.

    It's a shame it only lasted 1 season, and if it ever comes out on DVD, I'll definately buy it. Unfortunately, because it went by largely unnoticed, it's highly unlikely it ever will be.

    Like various other vanished favourites of mine, I think it is destined to live on only in my memory... and what fond memories they are.
  • Dark Skies was probably the best show about an Alien Invasion which died way too soon after only 20 episodes.

    One of my favourite shows of all time. A wonderful show with great writing, great acting and a great plot.

    Eric close was great as John with Megan Ward's superb portrayal of his Girlfriend Kim. The show took us from the assassination of JFK right through to the origins of Charlie Manson. Jim Morrison, Bobby Kennedy and the Beatles all played major parts in episodes and formed excelent parts of this story about Government Conspiricy and Alien coverups.

    Sadly this show got canceled and the death of JT Walsh resulted in all hope of the shows return being lost. I actually still have the VHS recordings I made of this show when it originally aired (with only the season finale missing!) but those tapes are getting really worn out...I really could with a dvd release of this excelent show. I have no idea why theres no release, a great show which died too soon which certainly could do with a dvd release. With this new seasons littering of alien invasion shows Dark Skies could have done great.
  • Dark Skies vs X-Files... For me there was no competition between the 2 shows. The way the issue of the existence of extraterrestrials was too different. Moreover the 60's ambiance was original!

    I agree with the prevous review: I was fan of Dark Skies and of X-Files as well - indeed for me there was no competition between the 2 shows: in X-Files the truth was definitively out there, as Chris Carter led the audience in very complicated theories of conspiracy where the thruths that Mulder found out at his own risks were eventually systematically destroyed. In Dark Skies, the concept was different: We knew from the start that the existence of the extraterrestrials was certain. I must say that some scripts in Dark Skies were a bit odd, but I really enjoyed the initial concept (the extraterrestial issue in the 60's), moreover the whole cast was terrific! I miss the fact there will never be a season 2 :-(
  • Dark Skies, ironically shedding much light on the subject, ripped from the airwaves prematurely!

    Dark Skies was an extremely riviting series that unfortunately was cancelled using a poor excuse... They say it was overshadowed by the already popular X Files. I personally think that the Dark Skies series pulled no punches, using actual names, places and events in history, and came a little too close to the truth. Thats my theory, I could be wrong.

    Personally, I\'d like to see either a series come back or a Dark Skies motion picture on the big screen concluding the story line which was narated by the main character, John Loengard.
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