Dark Skies

Season 1 Episode 1

The Awakening (1)

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Sep 21, 1996 on NBC

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  • A realistic form of X-files, just in the 60ties.

    I used to watch this on Danish TV2 Thuesday night. I loved this show, because it had such a realism to it, plus it brought in all the cool elements of X-files (the alien-stuff and secret-shadow-government-hokus-pokus).
    Because at this time X-files had gone in the usual filler-american-TV-series way. Made so many episodes just to make them, but forgetting the main story-line. When the writers of X-files where thinking of an episode, they sad: "i know, how about some guy that, bla bla bla". They made too many silly episodes, of which many where contradicting. That just made me think there werent any overall story-line, just weird stuff on TV, which they expected us to buy.

    But then Dark Skies came. It was in the same atmosphere, with Aliens and Rosswell, but it only focused on that. It had only one storyline, of the man being one of the US-agents knowing about aliens, then going roque. The way they made it look so much like the 60ties amaze me. It was such an amazing show. A shame it is cancelled. They should have cancelled X-files after season 5, anyway, and went on with this or the lone gunmen.