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Dark Stalkers

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To conquer the world, the fiery alien Pyron assembles an army of supernatural beings with magical powers: the DarkStalkers! And two of the biggest and vilest lead Pyron's army: Demitri Maximoff, Lord of the Vampires, and Morrigan Aensland, a powerful succubus.

But the good guys are fighting back! Around the catwoman Felicia rallies a band of freedom-loving DarkStalkers: the merman Rikou, the fighting werewolf Johnathan Talbain, the Frankenstien-like monster Victor von Gerdenheim, and the sasquatch Bigfoot & his nephew Hairball. To crush the rebels, Lord Demitri and Morrigan send the lunatic pharaoh mummy Anakaris, the rockstar zombie Lord Raptor, and the cursed samurai Bishamon. Things get complicated when demon hunters Donovan Baine and Hsien-Ko decide that all DarkStalkers, regardless if they are good or evil, must die!

Yet the fate of the world depends on a human, Harry Grimoire. If Harry can master his secret magical legacy-and the intricacies of alien computer technology-the world might have a chance!

This cartoon series is loosely based on the Capcom fighting videogame.moreless
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  • Based on the Capcom fighting game of the same name.

    Darkstalkers was a cartoon based on a video game of the same name, but only vaguely. The characters were the same but the cartoon was aimed strictly at young children while the videogame would possibly have almost a teen rating. I remember watching this show on weekdays before school and even though the humor was a bit childish I was entertained. I had played the game and so seeing the characters animated and being given more of a back story (even though it had very little to do with their origins in the games) was nice to see. Purely a good versus evil with comedy thrown in it was a descent show starring some of the best voice actors in the business. Chances are if you're a fan of the games then you know about this cartoon. All in all, a good show for kids who should like the colorful characters and funny one liners.moreless
  • This is a cartoon based on the video game series know as "Darkstalkers", which was made by the creators of the "Street Fighter" games. Many of the characters from the games appeared at least once in this show.moreless

    This is one video game-based TV show I just happened to enjoy watching when it was on TV in the mid-ninties. It may not be an anime, but it did have plenty of action in it. The first time I saw this show, I enjoyed watching enjoyed watching every minute of it. And then I realized it was based on a video game, so I enjoyed it even more than ever, since I am a big fan of TV shows based on games. In the show, the characters are lightly altered compared to how they looked in the games. But I didn't care, since most of the characters look cooler in the show than they did in the games. If you're the kind of person who tires of anime easily, then this show could be for you.moreless