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This new high-concept drama revolves around a group of astronauts who go missing after tracing an S.O.S. signal to the dark side of the moon where they discover a mysterious compound. In addition to the astronauts' tale, the series will also track an Earth-bound storyline about a government conspiracy to cover up what happened to the crew.

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AIRED ON 1/1/2007

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  • In the television version of DARKSIDE, astronauts are lost on the dark side of the moon after stumbling across a substance. Meanwhile a cover up of the disaster is underway back at home.moreless

    Did they take this from the play, DARKSIDE by Ken Jones, which is pretty famous? It's been done in Southern California twice in the last 3 years. His play sounds more intresting then the TV version...

    I remember watching the play and thinking this is amazing. Real astronauts...real heroes trapped on the moon. In the play when they are on the DARKSIDE they flashback to earth, but while on the light side they are in the present fighting for survival.

    Then I saw the FOX television version of DARKSIDE. Still the astronauts are trapped on the moon, but now they have found something scary or out of the ordinary, of course, very much like LOST IN SPACE. And, like all melodrama, there is the typical "earthbound" cover up of the disaster.

    Go back to the play. Give us the real people with their real lives and their real problems... again the play covers this beautifully, and it would make a wonderful TV movie or series. Hey FOX go back to the original material!moreless
  • Borderline acceptable.

    Borderline is only acceptable. How far down has television sunk to these days. Not to disrespect the creators of Darkside but I guess it is simply the trend of tv these days (nothing good on.) Time poorly wasted. This show is not nice, but the borderline of the story is acceptable.