Darkwing Duck

Season 2 Episode 12

A Brush with Oblivion

Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM Nov 23, 1991 on ABC

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  • A combination of thinking outside the box along with art history for kids

    Being a grown up but still madly inlove with Darkwing Duck, I am a bit of a sap when it comes to the episodes. But I must say, what I enjoy most about this show is the thinking outside the box. Yes there are villains present, yes good always prevails and there are kids och grown up sense morales, but somehow it always manages to put that little extra there that many other Disney shows (however great they also are, of course :D) lack. Aaaand! They do it with humor.

    This is the episode where kids get to see that there are not always art that look like a painted photograph but all kinds of art. And don't you just love it how they made every frame a new one, with new problems and solutions?

    I really recommend this episode, it was aaaawesome! :D
  • Splatter Phoenix has an impressive vocabulary.

    poor Honker, his brother is such a jerk. Goslyn is so funny/ cute. Herb is not aware of his good son, atleast Binkie is.

    Splatter Phoenix is a very excellent villianess, i was wrong to judge her. she has an amazing vocabulary, artistic talent and a little crazy sprinkled on top to make her a great villianess. even Darkwing couldn't out talk her, which is so werid.

    they used a lot of obscure art in this episode. mostly ugly paintings, but it was to make it more funny.

    i wish they had an episode with all villianess; Amonia Pine, Morgana McCawber, Isis Van Chill, Amonia's sister and her.
  • Brilliant, simply Brilliant.

    DW and the gang return in this episode to stop the villian "splatter phoenix" from traveling through paintings in a local museum, and then eventually end up in the paintings themselves. This episode is the most delightful and creative episode, in my opinion, of the series. Disney really outdid themselves with this episode, it kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time I was watching it. This episode is exactly why I started watching the series, even though this was the first darkwing episode I saw. This episode will simplay amaze viewers, as it amazed me. Too bad the DWD stopped airing where i live, because i have not watched this masterpiece in years.