Darkwing Duck

Season 1 Episode 3

Beauty and the Beet

Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM Sep 09, 1991 on ABC
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Beauty and the Beet
Reginald Bushroot, plant scientist, only wants to make the world a better place to live, but his colleagues mock his passion for plants. When he subjects himself to his own experiments, he becomes a half-plant, half-duck 'Doctor Dolittle of the Plant World,' and it's time to get even with his tormentors.moreless

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  • A great origin episode for one of Darkwing Duck's main villains that has yet to be matched.

    While the humor was ever present in this episode, this is a fine example of how a few dark moments and well rounded, well written characters can go a long way. This episodes introduces the viewers to Dr. Reginald Bushroot, a normal duck scientist (botanist) who was simply trying to research how plants could better help mankind. After a series of very unfortunate events, thanks greatly to the efforts of the two buffoon like scientist Dr. Gary and Dr. Larson, he is ultimately transformed into a half duck, half plant creature in a scene that's actually quite sad to watch. More so when the jerks make fun of him after the accident.

    What follows, is probably some of this series darker moments (Though I'm sure you'll be rooting for Bushroot once he takes his revenge on the two jerky scientist.) and an overall storyline that you'll be hard pressed to forget.

    Bushroot is definitely one of the most well written characters in the series. He's easy to sympathize with in this episode and just about all the episodes in thereafter. He honestly doesn't come off like that bad of a guy personality wise, just highly misunderstood, lonely, and outcast. Out of all the villains in the show, he's the only one I'll admit I actually felt moved me. And that was just in the first episode he premiered in!

    A must watch episode for this series.moreless
  • The origins of Bushroot.

    The episode begins with Darkwing Duck going through his files of villains he has faced. He pulls out the one where he first faced off against Bushroot. Dr. Reginald Bushroot used to be a regular duck who was a scientist researching how plants could help by using photosynthesis. Dr. Gary and Dr. Larson give Dr. Bushroot a hard time in the lab, especially in front of Dr. Rhoda Dendron (who Bushroot has a crush on). The director of the lab tells them that due to low funding, he must terminate some research projects and due to some meddling by Dr.'s Gary and Larson, Bushroot's research is terminated....moreless
  • The vegetable villain's first episode.

    Hey this was dark. Bushroot killed Dr.Gary and Dr.Larson. And i love it. Its just perfectly dark, not so dark that it becomes unfunny and unpleasant. Bushroot is a great villain and the only one with a greatly explaied origin story which defines him as a villain. A great episode.
Jim Cummings

Jim Cummings

Darkwing Duck/Drake Mallard, Nega-Duck, Herb Muddlefoot

Terence McGovern

Terence McGovern

Launchpad McQuack

Jennifer Darling

Jennifer Darling

Dr. Rhoda Dendron

Guest Star

Frank Welker

Frank Welker

Dean Tightbill/Dr. Larson/Dr. Gary

Guest Star

S. Scott Bullock

S. Scott Bullock

Additional Voices

Guest Star

Tino Insana

Tino Insana

Dr. Reginald Bushroot

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Dr. Rhoda Dendron: Dr. Bushroot wouldn't hurt a fly! Well, there was that one time, but then we needed the wings for an experiment.

    • Darkwing: (With weed whacker) It dices, it slices, it...(Motor quits)...runs out of gas.

    • Darkwing: It'll take more than squash to squelch this crime-fighter. (Darkwing is pummeled with tomatoes) Oh, everybody's a critic.

    • Dr. Rhoda Dendron: Oh, but I don't want to be a plant!
      Bushroot: Don't worry, you'll grow to love it.

    • Darkwing: I was soon to discover that the only thing more dangerous than a deranged half-plant half-duck is a deranged half-plant half-duck in love.

    • Darkwing: Ok, Bushroot...Huh? He's gone!
      Launchpad: (Finds hole in ground) Uh, DW, looks like maybe he decided to get back to his roots.
      Darkwing: Very funny.

    • Darkwing: Stop, you sizable sapling!
      (Darkwing grabs tree, but it throws him into Launchpad)
      Launchpad: Whoa! Looks like his bark might be worse than his bite!

    • Dr. Rhoda Dendron: You think Dr. Bushroot did it, don't you?
      Darkwing: In a word-yes. In two words-most certainly. In three words...
      Dr. Rhoda Dendron: Just a minute. How can you be so sure?
      Darkwing: Easy. I never make a mistake.
      (Moves checker on game board)
      Robot Playing Checkers: King me.

    • Darkwing: (Narrating) It seemed the unsolvable crime. The police were puzzled, the feds were frustrated, and the Gardners' Association was stumped. That's when I, Darkwing Duck, the superslueth with a mind as sharp as hedgeclippers, entered the case.

    • Darkwing Duck: (Getting back to his story of Bushroot) Let's see, where was I? Oh Yes, there were "six pairs of socks, some polka-dotted underwear..." Hey, wait a minute!
      Launchpad McQuack: Sorry DW, that's my laundry list.

    • Darkwing: I am the termite that devours your floorboard.

  • NOTES (3)


    • Beauty And The Beet

      This is an obvious play on the Disney movie, Beauty And The Beast.

    • Farside Comics

      Dr. Larson: Well done, Dr. Gary.
      Dr. Gary: Thank you Dr. Larson.

      The two bozos tormenting Bushroot's potato are named Dr. Gary and Dr. Larson, named after the creator of The Far Side Comics, Gary Larson.

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