Darkwing Duck

Season 1 Episode 3

Beauty and the Beet

Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM Sep 09, 1991 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Darkwing says the combination to the Darkwing Files Vault is 36R-42L, but when he looks on his foot, it says 15L-36R-62L.

  • Quotes

    • Dr. Rhoda Dendron: Dr. Bushroot wouldn't hurt a fly! Well, there was that one time, but then we needed the wings for an experiment.

    • Darkwing: (With weed whacker) It dices, it slices, it...(Motor quits)...runs out of gas.

    • Darkwing: It'll take more than squash to squelch this crime-fighter. (Darkwing is pummeled with tomatoes) Oh, everybody's a critic.

    • Dr. Rhoda Dendron: Oh, but I don't want to be a plant!
      Bushroot: Don't worry, you'll grow to love it.

    • Darkwing: I was soon to discover that the only thing more dangerous than a deranged half-plant half-duck is a deranged half-plant half-duck in love.

    • Darkwing: Ok, Bushroot...Huh? He's gone!
      Launchpad: (Finds hole in ground) Uh, DW, looks like maybe he decided to get back to his roots.
      Darkwing: Very funny.

    • Darkwing: Stop, you sizable sapling!
      (Darkwing grabs tree, but it throws him into Launchpad)
      Launchpad: Whoa! Looks like his bark might be worse than his bite!

    • Dr. Rhoda Dendron: You think Dr. Bushroot did it, don't you?
      Darkwing: In a word-yes. In two words-most certainly. In three words...
      Dr. Rhoda Dendron: Just a minute. How can you be so sure?
      Darkwing: Easy. I never make a mistake.
      (Moves checker on game board)
      Robot Playing Checkers: King me.

    • Darkwing: (Narrating) It seemed the unsolvable crime. The police were puzzled, the feds were frustrated, and the Gardners' Association was stumped. That's when I, Darkwing Duck, the superslueth with a mind as sharp as hedgeclippers, entered the case.

    • Darkwing Duck: (Getting back to his story of Bushroot) Let's see, where was I? Oh Yes, there were "six pairs of socks, some polka-dotted underwear..." Hey, wait a minute!
      Launchpad McQuack: Sorry DW, that's my laundry list.

    • Darkwing: I am the termite that devours your floorboard.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Beauty And The Beet

      This is an obvious play on the Disney movie, Beauty And The Beast.

    • Farside Comics

      Dr. Larson: Well done, Dr. Gary.
      Dr. Gary: Thank you Dr. Larson.

      The two bozos tormenting Bushroot's potato are named Dr. Gary and Dr. Larson, named after the creator of The Far Side Comics, Gary Larson.

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