Darkwing Duck

Season 3 Episode 10

Clash Reunion

Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM Nov 14, 1992 on ABC

Episode Recap

After being invited to his High School reunion, Drake takes out his yearbook and starts to tell Gosalyn about how popular he was in high school. While looking at the book, Gosalyn realizes that one of the people in it, Elmo Sputterspark, is actually Megavolt. Megavolt is also invited to the reunion, and recalls how sports jock Ham, caused a science experiment that Elmo was working on to go awry and turned him into Megavolt. Drake recalls the prom, where Megavolt made his first appearance, and where Drake, using props from a school play, first became Darkwing.
Fearing that Megavolt will attack the reunion, Drake decides to go to the reunion on alert for Megavolt. When he finally shows up, a fight ensues. Darkwing is about to apprehend him, when Megavolt pulls his mask off, revealing Darkwing's secret identity to the crowd.
His confidence shattered, he allows Megavolt to take Ham and his wife hostage. Lauchpad and Gosalyn manage to convince Darkwing to give chase, and as they help to free Ham, they end up getting captured by Megavolt, who tries to burn them inside a giant light bulb.
Darkwing finally arrives to save the day. He hypnotizes Ham so that nobody will remember his identity. He doesn't hypnotize Megavolt, but Megavolt doesn't remember anyway.