Darkwing Duck

Season 1 Episode 9

Comic Book Capers

Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM Sep 17, 1991 on ABC

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  • Darkwing writes his own comic book.

    Darkwing Duck is tired of the comic book company making him look like a coward. Darkwing takes the draft for the next issue home with him so he can change it to the way he wants it. Once he gets home, Gosalyn distracts him and starts to write some in it. He then returns and chases her off. He goes to the attic and Launchpad distracts him there. He leaves and Launchpad starts to write. Darkwing comes back and stops him. He then goes to the garage and Benke Muddlefoot shows up to borrow some cinnamon. ONce he leaves to get it...
  • Darkwing is tired of being portrayed as a coward in the comic books, and decides to write them himself.

    This is the best written episode i have seen so far. I know the plot sounds kinda boring, but things are definitely starting to happen when it gets going. After the episode title we are instantly thrown into a comic book scenario where Megavolt hunts down Darkwing in a dark alley. The story is filled with clever twists and turns that keep you interested. It's not a very exciting episode, though. As there's no real danger. It all happens in the comic book. But the comedy outweights the lack of exciting scenes. I think some of the voters that voted for this and "Cleanliness is Next to Badliness" hate or dislike the animation. I think it has great animation, with some strange exceptions ofcourse. Like when Darkwing is tied up with the cord, look at that face, horrible stuff indeed. But the animation is much better than, say in: "Dry Hard" and "Water Way to Go". A great episode that's cleverly written. Did i mention Megavolt's in it? A reason good enough alone to watch the episode.
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