Darkwing Duck

Season 1 Episode 40

Darkwing Doubloon

Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM Nov 01, 1991 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • After Fenton gets on the Fearsome Five's ship, he becomes Gizmoduck offscreen with no explanation.

    • With the door hinges on Negaduck's cabin on the inside, Launchpad should not have been able to open the door outwards when they were smuggling the jewels off Negaduck's ship. Stegmutt does the same thing when he leaves the cabin and then the door disappears for a second.

    • When Launchpad is fighting Liquidator for the first time, Liquidator has an earring and then it disappears.

    • When the royal family (the Muddlefoots) board the life raft, you can see the outline of Darkwing's face mask on Seaman Drake.

  • Quotes

    • Darkwing: What a Willy Wonker.

    • (Negaduck is forcing Darkwing down the plank with his sword)
      Negaduck: Any last words, baboon?
      Darkwing: That's buffoon...I mean, Doubloon. D-O-U-B-L...Whoa! (Falls into the ocean)

    • Quackerjack: Ship off port! It's playtime!

    • Darkwing: We lost the King's jewels, the King's ship and my reputation as Sourge of the Seven Seas!
      Stegmutt: We still think you're a scourge.
      Launchpad: Yeah, you're the worst.
      Darkwing: You know, you're right. I am. (Chuckles) And by gosh, I'm going after Negaduck!
      Gosalyn: And I know right where to find him. (Shows map)
      Gizmoduck: You stole Negaduck's map, Gos?
      Gosalyn: I just borrowed it a little.
      Darkwing: All's fair with pirates, Giz.

    • Negaduck: Now we got us some Darkwing Dubloon bait!
      Gosalyn: You'll have to catch me first!
      Negaduck: Spirited, eh? (Laughs) I hate that.

    • Megavolt: Get any water on me, and I'll evaporate ya!
      Liquidator: You and what navy?

    • Seaman Drake: Little do they (Referring to the royal family a.k.a. the Muddlefoots) know... and I mean that!

    • Darkwing Doubloon: I am the terror that sails the seas. I am the flea on your parrot.

  • Notes

    • As Darkwing Doubloon's ship reverses direction when Negaduck's ship attempts to crash into it, just as the ship jumps up from the water, you can hear a Goofy holler.

      Goofy is a Disney character who has appeared in Disney shorts since the 1930's and has stared in several cartoon series.

  • Allusions

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