Darkwing Duck

Season 1 Episode 47

Dead Duck

Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM Nov 12, 1991 on ABC

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  • Darkwing "Dead" Duck

    When I first heard about this episode, almost everyone I asked about it told me that it was one of the most emotional episodes of this series, so I decided to watch it, and wow, was I surprised...

    Darkwing gets killed on a motorcycle accident while chasing Megavolt, because he was not wearing an helmet. He gets sent to Hell, and then to Heaven, but he still refuses to believe that he's dead. Returning home, he finds out that he really is dead, and that Megavolt is now a celebrity due to the fact that he says that he killed Darkwing. Feeling outraged by that fact, and still not believing he's dead, he plans to go after Megavolt. Unfortunately, when the Grim Reaper appears, Darkwing understands that he really is dead, and that his time has come. He manages to escape the Grim Reaper a couple of times, until he's finally grabbed by it. Making a deal with the Grim Reaper, he buys himself a an hour to go back and save Gosalyn, Launchpad and Honker from Megavolt, before he has to go either to Heaven or Hell.

    I just loved the way Darkwing said goodbye to everyone he loved (it was a really touching thing to do, especially because it's not every episode that you get to see DW's most human side), plus, Tony Jay voicing the Grim Reaper is a magnificent bonus, so this deserves a 9.5

    Good thing that all of that was just a dream, otherwise, Darkwing would have ended up in Hell, and the series would have ended.
  • Darkwing is dead?

    Darkwing and Launchpad chase Megavolt to an anvil factory where Darkwing has an anvil dropped on him and it crushes his helmet. Megavolt leaves the factory and Darkwing and Launchpad continue the chase. Launchpad warns Darkwing about not wearing a helmet, but Darkwing tells him he doesn't have time to get another. They have an accident and Darkwing is first sent to see the Devil and then he goes to see St. Peter. Darkwing refuses to believe he's actually dead and returns home. Launchpad and Gosalyn are upset because Darkwing is gone and they don't see him at first. After a while...
  • Darkwing\'s Dead andMegavolt writes a best-selling book and show about it.

    DW and Lanchpad chase after Megavolt blah blah blah. DW crashes into a wall and dies.

    first he lands to h*** thinking it's a theme park then takes an elavtor up to hevean. hevean and h*** fight over him then Darkwing says he's not dead, sneaks back to earth thinking it was a nightmare.

    he's at home, LP and Goslyn were just at his furnel nd are happy to see him. but he says he's not dead.

    DW-well, no one asked me for an autograph on the way home...
    Goslyn-maybe we can see u cause we care about u so much.

    blah blah blah, they go to Morgana's

    Morgana-Dark Darling, u look like u have 1 foot in the grave
    LP-actually both
    DW-so Morgana, u can see me too, most people are having problems with that [looks all dreamy] except people who really care about me...
    Goslyn{kills the moent}-so do u have any hocus pocus to get my dad back among the living?
    Morgana-well, there's rencarnation but that's a very grave matter.
    Lp-yeah, but it's DW's grave.

    sadly she turns him into a plant, andDW finds out Megavolt has a talkshow for killing a hero withsome Oprea look-a-like.

    Darkwing goes to Megavolt\'s place but he\'s too busy talking about his movie deal. Blah Blah Blah the Grim Reeper comes. Blah Blah Death amost takes Herb and Darkwing doesn't try to stop him too fast.

    back at Morgana\'s, Darkwing\'s scared of the Grim Reeper while Megavolt talks about his new book int the New\'s Papaer.

    LP- Megavolt will be signing his new book \"Doing Away with Super Heros for Fun and Profit\" ,i wonder if i\'m in it...

    Morgana finds another enchantment on her Dark-dest but t just takes over Goslyn\'s shoes.

    Goslyn-Wrong soul,

    Darkwing sadly goes to his grave with LP while Goslyn tries to stop Megavolt. sadly DW\'s grave is a traffic cone with a picture on it. which makes it worst.

    LP watches how Goslyn goes on tv and tries to stop Megavolt from talking about his Best-Selling book.

    DW-why is Goslyn at the TV Studio?
    Goslyn- if u bought this book u should demand a refun!
    Megavolt-that\'s it! i did away with Darkwing, now i\'m deal with his brat on my new tv show! stay tune for Megavolt\'s crime of the week!

    Darkwing tries to save Goslyn, so does LP but like that works. Megavolt is happy with twice the victims and raddings. then the Grim Reeper comes to take Darkwing.

    blah blah blah Darkwing makes a deal with Death blah blah 1 hour blah blah.

    DW saves LP and Goslyn, LP acts like Darkwing bllah blah it works blah blah Megavolt has self-respect issues blah blah blah.

    back at Morgana\'s, Morgana can\'t find anything so Death comes to take him away, so he says good bye.
    Kiss for Morgana, Lanchpad is the best/only side-kic he had, he loves Goslyn and doesn\'t wan her in prison.
    [very sad scene]

    LP- look at him, look how brave he is.
    DW-come on, i don\'t wanna die! i\'ll never drive without a helmet again!

    blah blah blah, it was all a dream, DW is alive, happy and scaring people.
    H*** needs the correct time.
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