Darkwing Duck

Season 1 Episode 38

Disguise the Limit

Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM Oct 30, 1991 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • When Darkwing Duck changes into a baby he is wearing his hat eventhough he hadn't been wearing it since it was on a chihuahua, which made Launchpad and Gosalyn thought was Darkwing changed into a chihuahua, but when Darkwing changed back to normal his hat was gone.

    • Like Darkwing Duck Negaduck doesn't wear pants but when he takes his Darkwing disguise off he had boxer shorts on. Then when he puts his yellow costume on they were gone.

    • As in several instances in the series Gosalyn calls Darkwing dad in front of Dr. Sarah Bellum when no one should know that fact and they act as if they never heard it.

    • As Darkwing is a Launchpad look-a-like and he is flying the Thunderquack, the pilot is actually Launchpad and not Darkwing as Launchpad look-a-like.

  • Quotes

    • (Darkwing enters the hideout all roughed up after crashing the Thunderquack)
      Gosalyn: Dad! Are you okay?
      Darkwing: Well, aside from sustaining massive internal injuries in a plane crash, and being chased by the army, the navy, and a troop of Girl Scouts with pinking shears, yeah, I'm...Uh...Just peachy.
      Launchpad: Whew! We thought you mighta been hurt.
      Darkwing: (Laughs) Hurt? Me? Ha! (Passes out)

    • Darkwing: Oh! Just knowing that the city thinks I'm a common criminal makes me feel so...so... (Darkwing changes into a Launchpad look-a-like) Say, it makes me feel so hungry.
      Launchpad: Hey,me too! Hungry for...
      Darkwing as Launchpad and Launchapd: Hamburger Hippo! (Both singing) Hey hey hey when you're hungry, don't be a dipp-o. Truck on down to the sign of the hippo, Hey hey.

    • Gosalyn: Now where are you going?
      Darkwing: I'm going to change.
      (Darkwing walks behind a folding wall)
      Launchpad: (Thinks that Darkwing is about to change into someone else) Oh, no. Not again.
      Darkwing: I mean I'm going to change my clothes. (Hops out from behind the wall in his Darkwing Duck outfit) There. How do I look?
      Launchpad: Just like your wanted poster.
      Darkwing: (Sarcastically) Thanks for reminding me.

  • Notes

    • In "Just Us Justice Ducks" we saw Darkwing Duck dress up as Negaduck. In this episode we see Negaduck dress as Darkwing Duck.

  • Allusions

    • Charlie the Tuna

      When Negaduck changes into the canned fish mascot, he is a similar character (Wacky Mackeral) to Charlie the Tuna mascot for Starkist canned tuna.

    • Star Trek

      Dr. Bellum's line "I'm a doctor, not a duck picker" is a parody of famous line repeated frequently by Dr. McCoy from Star Trek the Original Series.

    • Disguise the Limit:

      The episode title is a play on the saying The Sky's the Limit.