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Father/Daughter Episodes

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    I recently discovered this series thanks to netflix and so far have only seen the first dvd of volume one and a handful of youtube videos. The aspect of the show i enjoy the most is the father/daughter relationship between DW and Gos. Can anyone tell me which episodes center around it so i know which ones i should be youtubing/netflicking?

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    Here is a few that I wrote down

    These are episodes that deal strictly with Gosalyn and Darkwing, withougt LaunchPad

    Paraducks, Bearskin Thug, Whiffle While you work, Dances with Bigfoot

    Here are some episodes that are father/daughter centric but include Launchpad

    Time and Punishment, Quiverwing Quack, Flim Flam, Trading Faces, Slaves to Fashion, and one that is somthing like Toys R Us but I can't remember the real name.

    Hope that helps

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