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More serious take on DW?

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    Hello again all,

    I was rewatching my DVDs of the series recently and I was thinking, although the show is still as entertaining and witty as it was in it's prime, I can't help but think the characters could have benefitted from a more serious treatment. Maybe not anime serious, but something along the lines of Batman TAS.

    The Negaverse and return of Taurus Baulba would have made some great arcs, I did like in the Steerminator how DW was injured, can you imagine how that would have been with more drama...Taurus Baulba is back for revenge and is looking for Gosalyn, and how can Darkwing, injured and in a wheelchair protect her against his most deadly adversary? The humor would of course still be a part of the show, I love that moment in Twitching Channels where Megavolt is gravelling for DW to take them home and DW smacks him and says "Get ahold of yourself! You don't want to ruin your reputation as a villian do you?!" Moments like that are part of what makes the show so great.

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    Leave Launchpad OUT of it and you can do whatever you want.
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    I Agree totally with this Post. Darkwing Duck needed more Drama in the Way and Pathes an Areas and Places Of Batman the Animated Series,I felt that their was many times the Co. Creator of Drakwing Duck Alan Burtnatt (forgive me if I got his last name wrong) that went to work on Batman the Animated series was going to take Darkwing Duck A Half Drama lite Comdic Manner and style at 1st. Before Disney turned it to A Comdey/MeloDrama through the Goverment of Disney Animation At the Time.

    The same thing happen on Freakazoid when Warner Bros. Actually wanted to go more Drama and serious with Comic Acts and Edge. that was before Steve Spielberg made it A Comdey with Drama Elments to it. but the original Concept for what Freakazoid was going to be more like;before it became A comdey, that can clearlly be seen in Season 2 Of Freakazoid. And as for Darkwing Duck concern in Season 2 Darkwing Duck did become more Drama and Serious than in Season 1 to me at many times in certain episodes; thereby it was becoming more like it was going to originally be in the Batman - The Animated series Catg. with Screenplay and Script writing ect. Again you our so right with this Post my friend,Darkwing Duck needed to be more like Batman TAS and Ect.

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    Agreed. A more serious take in some of the episodes would have been refreshing. I think if Tad Stones had his way the show would have had that, but Disney overrulled any chance of that.
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    TC, I love your idea. I could just imagine how awesome the Negaverse episode would have been if they been a little more serious. A few of the episodes had really great plots that I think could have been complete arcs or at least, two part episodes.
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    I've read some of the replies and I agree also, so much even that I wrote a story called Tales of a dime (The rise of Khan). Explaining the origin of Scrooge's dime the story speaks of Daikoku the Japanese god of good fortune but being a member of a group of traveling gods known as the Marebito he is known as Mahakala, the great black. Scrooge finds himself in the middle of a war between two crime lords and his dime was stolen to tip the scales of power. Seeking the aid of Darkwing Duck the team consisting of the T-squad and Gizmo Duck joins him to get it back.

    Aging the children I took the characters of Darkwing Duck,Ducktales,Tales spin and Quack pack and added a more marvel meets Lord of the rings feel. This is my third draft and seeing other Darkwing Duck fans I hope to have you read ch one and tell me what you think, my link is http://www.helium.com/users/80339, the criticism of a fan is the most sincere because we speak from the heart.

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