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Series is back in comic book format.

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    #1 came out last week. In fact, even before the first issue hit stores, the fan response to the comic was so great that it went from being a 4 issue miniseries to an ongoing one.

    So far the comic is a worthwhile addition to the series. Like the shortlived Gargoyles comic, DWD captures the feeling of the show and feels like a true continuation unlike most tie in comics. Besides which, should the sales remain well, it would be a step in convincing Disney that their 90s properties are worth their time.

    Also the next several issues should be exciting as the end of the first issue indicates:


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    Indeed... "The Return of the Duck Knight" was excellent! Not only we found out what happened to Taurus Bulba (and we finally got rid of them, permanently... at least for now), but in the new story arc, "Crisis of the Infinite Darkwings", Negaduck is back, as well as DarkWarrior Duck and Paddywack. This comic book is as exciting as the original show, and it brings back that delicious flavour of the 90's.
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