Darkwing Duck

Season 2 Episode 4

Fungus Amongus

Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM Sep 28, 1991 on ABC

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  • Darkwing falls in love with beautiful/creepy villainess morgana McCawber, Lanchpad doesn't like it.

    i don't care about the pizza topping, i just love the Morg.DW parts! the epsiode is as funny as any but this is the eps where Morgana really first meets DW.

    blah blah blah, werid/ creepy things are stealing pizza toppings. LP and DW split up, LP is hungry. DW goes to McCawber's Mushroom, and it's very very scary, he's denieing it.
    DW- nice place, i must get the name of the decorator so i can hurt him! i've about had it with this creepy house blah blah blah.
    walks in on the board's meeting, 4 really monsterous looking people.
    they are about to 'show him out' ,enter a beautiful ,curvy, large haired, nice blue eyes duck/lady, who's gliding, not walking, glidling.
    Morgana- u'll have to excusse my assocaties, they're such teases.
    Dw messes with his hat and shirt.
    poliet pig lady who changes from civil to crazy alot- really darling, ur such a party pooper, we weren't gonna hurt him...much.
    Morgana to DW- good evening; i'm Morgana McCawber, president of McCawber's Mushrooms, nice to meet u, Mister...
    shakes hands but DW- Dingwing Dork,da de dwight da dar Darkwing Duck, at ur service.
    Morgana hold his beak with finger- what an unsual name, but then u appear to be very unusal, i like that.
    DW gulps, Morgana pulls him while he gets all dreamy looking.
    morgana- we were ahving an emergency meeting to dicuss the pizza topping crime waves.
    DW- pizza toppings? u knew that?
    Morgana/ suspious- well, i...dadussed it.
    DW dreamy- she dadussed it, my kinda woman...but isn't it a bit paculiar to hold a board meeting so late?
    Morgana near big window- i enjoy the night, that sun is so harsh on my skin.
    DW- i'm sorta a creature of the night maself.
    takes DW's hands, Morgana-it seems we have a lot in common, let me show u around are operation. DW- well, wait! a tour would let me see ur sercurtiy setup, i would love a tour, shall we?
    they walk off, Granny is trying to hit a fly.
    Piggy - looks like Morgana's got herself one chunk of a duck, i hope there's enough to go around.
    lurch looking guy- i don't like it, he cost us the anchoves blah blah blah, smash DW.

    morning, DW and Morgana [who looks very pretty] are talking on her porch, DW is soooo lovesick.
    Thank you, Dark, i could tell u so much about Spores and Fungi.
    DW-i'd like that...sorta.
    before leaping off, super happy
    DW- wait! i shoudl stay here to protect u- i mean, the mushrooms.
    board says no, least that's what Morgana says, a sad DW gets a call from Lanchpad, so he leaves. Morgana does look like she likes him but tells her board she'll handle him the old fashion way. smash smash smash. something about Zombie lipstick, the others won't go in sunlight and Morgana looks really evil.

    Lanchpad is an a giant spider web, blue pig guy- Nero who is really hungry. DW tries to help but get captured too. Morgana stop Nero from eating them, gets them out with her long nails.
    LP- nice manacure, thanks.
    Morgana- don't mention it.
    DW shoots spider, Morgana goes to comfort the poor dear. LP- there's a girl that doesn't get out enough.
    Morgana says they're very sweet, really? just a little venomous.
    dw dreamy- Morgana's really something, huh Lanchpad?
    LP- i'll say, something different...

    flying over city
    dW lovesick- and i know she's crazy about me too, did u see that way she looked at me?
    LP annoyed- kinda like a snake looks at it's dinner.
    DW- i know, see, the poor kid's lovestruck!
    LP starts flying crazy, a part i liked.
    DW- Lanchpad, what are u doing!
    LP- getting your attetion! ur a hero, not a romeo, what about the case? how'd ur creepy girlfriend know where i was?
    DW- Morgana is not cre- wait a mintue, how did she know?

    blah blah blah, granny, giant snake ,turn milk into cheeze, LP& DW follow her into the sewer.
    long sotry short, the board is making mushroom pizzas, they take DW's gas gun.
    DW- u traitors! to do this to poor Morgana!
    LP makes funny face- Poor Morgana? [shakes DW] Poor Us! wereabout to become Fungus food!
    Morgana- he's right, don't worry about me, i'm sorry darkWing, but u shouldn't have gotten involed.

    DW& LP chained, LP-gee DW, sorry about ur girlfriend being a fiendish, bloodsucking creature of the niether worlf.
    DW- hey hey hey, no one's doing any blood sucking, she's just...misguided.
    LP is losing hope, DW- i know i can convice her to see the light.
    Morgana- but i hate light, Darkwing, it's so...healthy!
    dW-oh, come on Morgana, u can change, deep down, ur really not an evil person.
    morgana- not an evil person, no but an evil bussiness woman-yes! [pats Dw's cheek] don't ya see the 2 seperate things?
    DW- sorry, Dishonest is dishonest,
    blah blah balh, Nero wants to eat them, Morgana says princeables will doom their relationship, the board thinks she's grown soft. Morgana wants to turn DW into a monster too, he's already a creature of the night.

    a kiss with Zombie lipstick, cute even if evil. DW looks dead, Morgana snaps fingers, chains fall off.
    LP- DW! don't go zombie on me!
    morgana- now there's no reason to get rid of him.
    LP- phew
    morgana- just his friend.
    LP scared- WHAT!
    Morgana- Darkwing, throw Lanchpad tot he Fungus.
    DW carries LP to fungus,
    lP- phew, is that all? ha ha, i can surely risk a case of athlete's foot. AHHHHH![ sees fungus with razor teeth] those things are carnivornous!
    morgana- an unfortune side-affect.
    DW throws Lp at Morgana's board.
    Lp happy- alright, DW, that's using my head chuckles.
    Morgana- that won't stop them for long.
    dW, fine- let's get up to the street.
    LP, still in chains-right, but could u?
    Morgana snaps fingers, chains fall, they start running.
    DW interested- ur gonna have to have to show me how u do that.

    the board is mad, wants to remove Morgana from chairperson, they send the mushrooms after them.
    LP, DW and Morgana are in other room, out of breathe.
    DW- u switched the lipstick, why?
    Morgana- i wanted u to stay because of me, not because u were a zombie.
    LP is sacred if Mushroom mob, DW tells him to go get butter, Morgana creates him a lighting storm blah blah blah,DW loses hat, Mushroom dead.
    LP think they could still be eaten, the board is really mad, they go out in sunlight and turn into musrooms.
    DW- mushrooms? they were...mushrooms?
    Morgana, knew- another unfortune side-affect.
    DW sad- well, ur storm saved are lives morgana but i'm still gonna have to turn u over to[puts his hat back on him] the police for the theif of the pizza toppings.
    Morgana strokes chin- oh Dark, i'm afraid that won't be possible.
    he takes a second to notice her walking on her porch.
    Dw- oh Morgana, don't be like this.
    LP grabs his shirt- hang on, DW!
    Mushroom factory starts to disappear.
    Morgana- i really can't stay, but i'm sure we'll meet again [blows kiss, disappear face then eyes] goodbye Dark.
    everything gone
    DW sad- good bye, Morg.
    LP- women, now u see them, now u don't.
  • A dark, twisted episode where Darkwing encounters a family of cannibalistic freaks.

    This episode had great animation, and it was really dark. But it was not like all the jokes drowned in the darkness of it all. Darkwing meets Morgana, as well as a psycho cannibal family. No doubt, this has probably scared kids all over the world, with it's lack of light and bright colours and scary creatures. As I said, the animation is excellent, in fact, I would say that this is the best animated episode in the series.
  • DW meets Morg for the first time in this great cross spoof of horror movies and film noir.

    This episode is a DEFINITE favorite of mine and a very good example of what I remember loving about the show. :-D A fair number of cartoons do horror spoofs and a few others spoof film noir from time to time, but this is one of the extremely few cartoons that's spoofed BOTH genres in the same episode effectively. It all starts out with DW and Launchpad investigating a series of bizarre crimes that turn out to be connected because all the thefts involved pizza toppings. From there, DW ends up having his first meeting with the sultry sorceress Morgana McCawber (in her first appearance [and one of only two appearances as a villainess]) and ends up falling pretty hard for her (understandably so in my humble and honest opinion). And, like many other episodes I liked, this episode ALSO shows that, DW, for all of his ego and goofiness, CAN be pretty competent when he's focused on the job. All in all, an awesome episode that's made a DW/Morg shipper out of me from the first time I've seen it. :-D