Darkwing Duck

Season 1 Episode 30

Ghoul of My Dreams

Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM Oct 16, 1991 on ABC

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  • Darkwing faces off against his love interest, Morgana McCawber.

    Darkwing is having a dream in which Morgana saves him from the villains. He wakes up in the motorcycle after Launchpad announces that he has fixed the problem. Darkwing wonders why it has been such a slow night when they spot some firemen in a firetruck sleepwalking and taking a safe out of a building. The safe is snatched up by a couple of bats and Darkwing follows them to Morgana McCawber's house. It seems that Darkwing has strong feelings for Morgana and refuses to believe that she would be behind what is going on and he and Launchpad go inside and...
  • Darkwing goes against Morgana [a villainess with a soft spot for DW] and a creepy dream goblin called Nodoff who wants to put St. Canard asleep.

    Darkwing is in a dream and about to be attacked by all his enemies. he's saved by Morgana McCawber, a beauitful, creepy and evil villianess DW's in wuv with. he's so happy she's turned good and about to kiss her til he wakes up to kiss Lanchpad.

    firefighters save safe/baby from 'burning building', bats take money, and lead DW& LP to Morgana's house.
    LP-yessh! do we have to go in there? this place gives me the creeps. and besides, u know how u get around her.
    DW- don't be riduluois,;fixing feathers; Morgana's just another common crimminal to me and nothing more.;breathe spray;
    inside Morgana's playing with her spider, Archie, her bats tell her DW is outside and she gets nervous. she obiously really likes DW and has lots of stolen loot.
    they go in, Morgana seduces DW, Dw's all lovey dovey and LP is annoyed.

    Morgana stroking DW's beak- oh Dark, i've missed u. y aknow, i was sorta hoping u'd kiss me before u woke up.
    DW-well i would've but- wait a mintue! that was my dream!
    Morgana- yes it's been my dream too, i've always wanted to kiss u.
    big kiss, cute, but DW is so weak when he's in love.

    blah blah blah,Morgana is working with an annoying dream germlin called Nodoff who i think has a crush on her. he gives her sleeping sand. Morgana is robbing St.canard but wants DW unharmed .
  • Interesting

    In my opinion, slightly weird episode.[I own the the videotape. I noticed that the 'oh yeah' sound effect at the end of the kissing scene is actually the Kool-aid Man's trademark line, slowed down beyond recognizable. Back to the show: well written. I liked the part where both Morgana and Darkwing were in Dreamland. Nodoff creeped me out when he turned into the monster, but good thing it was temporary. I liked this episode, only thing wrong was the kissing scene- It seemed a bit inappropiate. This episode is overall funny. It is a good episode to see if you are new to this show, since it shows the characters and their roles in the series.