Darkwing Duck

Season 3 Episode 8

Hot Spells

Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM Oct 31, 1992 on ABC

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  • Great Episode!!

    Hot Spells banned by Disney do to it reference to the devil and for Darkwing Duck getting his soul sold by Gosalyn. I feel the episode was the second best episode in the series but that might have been probably do to the fact it was banned. Thought this episode has not aired since its orignal show in October 1991 many people have seen the episode because the have it bootleged on dvd. I feel no reason for this episode to be banned because reference to the devil was also made the the episode Dead Duck and that episode isn\'t banned so why should this one.
  • very cute Goslyn& Morgana ep.

    Morgana, Darkwing, Goslyn and Morgana's dad go to her old magic school because she has a paper to show the dean.

    Morgana's dad- still dating the mortal i see, couldn't u have digged up someone better?
    DW- he hey, she quit digging when she found me, pal.
    Morgana's dad- prhaps she needs a new shovel.
    zaps DW, Morgana asks them not to fight. doesn't happen.

    Aunt Nasty is a teacher there and Globby is a student there.

    the dean is very happy to see Morgana,
    M's Dad/Darkwing- that's my ghoul,[ glare at each other]

    Morgana goes to Aunt Nasty class, explains to Goslyn how u need caculations to do spells, most guy students are just looking at her.

    M's dad-Goslyn does have a knack for the unusal.
    DW-yeah, i just don't think it should be helped.
    Goslyn growls
    DW- but i can't say no to my little girl....if i want to wake up in the morning.
    Goslyn stays in the class while DW helps Morgana.

    Goslyn doesn't do good, and meets the devil who's pretending to be a janitor. BLAH blah blah, evil libaray, Goslyn gets powers, Devil wants DW.

    DW is halping Morgana, who's a little tense.
    Morgana- what's the big deal! it's only the most important day of my life!
    DW gets zapped
    Morgana- oh, sorry Dark, i'm just a little tense, don't u see [takes DW's hands, cute] the dean will be judging everything about me blah blah blah
    DW- gee, will there be a swimsuit competion too?
    Goslyn comes in, makes a giant monster that wants to smooch DW.
    Morgana doesn't beleive Goslyn did it herself. DW tries to get rid of the monster, so he points to Morg's dad.
    Deam-don't play so hard to get Malucmlum[ i think that's how u spell it] ha ha ha.
    the Dean is disappointed in morgana's presination, but impressed with Goslyn's powers. poor Morg.

    Morgana- Dark, u don't really think she did that, do u?
    DW- she may not be book smart but she has great imagation, just ask her teacher...who should be released anyday now.
    Morgana- she said something about the Forbbinden Libaray, i hope she hasn't gotteninto any trouble.

    the Devil helps her again, go knock em dead, least i will.

    Morgana's thing doesn't go so well.
    Morgana- they hated my presentation,
    DW takes hand, cute- hey, i thought u were great, but if u don't mind.
    Morgana- i understand, after all, she is ur daughter.
    Kisses Morgana on cheek, cute, leaves.
    Morgana sees Goslyn use one of the Forbbendin books but is taken before she says anything.

    at audtoruim,
    DW- did i miss anything, Mal?
    Morg's dad zaps him
    DW- we'll call that a no.
    Goslyn is nervous,
    DW- give the kid a break, [whispers] ur losing them Gos, better hit them with the big stuff.
    aka the gates to h***, magic no work, Darkwing does.
    Devil- now i have a little suprise for u,
    shows Morgana tied up.
    DW scared- M0RGANA!
    Devil-i'll let her go if u take her place
    Morgana- don't do it, Dark, that's been his plan all along!
    DW-alright, i'll go.
    very bad but cute scene.
    Devil has dW, Goslyn finds out her powers came from him.

    Morga's dad says it was Goslyn who doomed him for easy magic. Morgana says Goslyn didn't know what she was doing, very sweet, and that because Goslyn is an innocent, they have a chance to save DW.
    blah blah blah, calculations, monkey drool blah blah blah.

    meanwhile, the Devil brings dW to his own personal h***...watching Peclina's Island with Binkie and Herb forever. Darkwing even makes h*** funny.

    blah blah blah, they open doors again, Morg and Goslyn pretend to be News Reporter's, with bad accents, take a picture of the Devil and minions/ kinda funny.
    snap, save Darkwing nad give the Devil the huge smoochy monster.

    Goslyn- Morgana, i'm sorry for messing up ur speacil day, sory dad, i didn't mean to indanger ur soul like that.
    DW- mmhhmm, this punishment is going to have to be pretty good, i used up my best one's when she blew up the bathroom. but this calls for something major.
    Goslyn scared- not my comic books! come on dad, it's not lke i played hookie, it was just ur soul!
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