Darkwing Duck

Season 1 Episode 55

Inside Binkie's Brain

Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM Nov 22, 1991 on ABC



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    • Megavolt: That's the trouble with being a villain. The hero always has to win!

    • Megavolt: In a few seconds, this plant is going to blow up like...Like...Like...Oh, I don't know, like something really big blowing up.

    • Darkwing: (Darkwing's brain is messy) You know what they say, a cluttered mind is healthy.

    • Megavolt: (waves to Darkwing who has been hit by a train and riding on the locomotive) Don't forget to write! Now I'll write something for that other troublemaker...An obituary!

    • (after getting smashed by Binkie's attempt to make things safe)
      Megavolt: That lady in the cape almost killed us. (to Darkwing) You're supposed to protect the city from people like that!
      Darkwing: I know, I know. I'm sorry. I tried to stop her before but she...Wait a minute! You're the villain! I'm not supposed to apologize to you! I'm supposed to smash you! (gets hit by a train)

    • Canardian Guardian: Toodles. Off to smash hazards.
      Darkwing: This is horrible!
      Launchpad: Yuck! You're not kidding, DW. Red and white are just not her colors.

    • Darkwing: Thought you could pull the wool over my eyes, eh Megavolt?
      Megavolt: Say, good idea (pulls Darkwing's hat down over his eyes)

    • Jeweler: Please don't hurt me. You can have all the jewels.
      Megavolt: I don't want any jewels, I want the display lights. (laughs) It's my mission to release all the light bulbs enslaved by society.

    • Darkwing: I know what you're going to ask. What happens to all this when that bowling ball hits?
      Launchpad: Well actually I was going to ask what's for lunch...(sees Darkwing glaring at him)...But that bowling ball thing such much more interesting, DW.

    • Darkwing: Behind each door is a different brain department. Over here are the emotions. This one is anger. (opens the door and is slammed flat by a giant log and Launchpad pulls him out) Yep, I'm angry.

    • Herb: Thanks Binkster. Would have been a darn shame to burn down the house again.

    • Launchpad: What are we going to do, DW?
      Darkwing: Only one thing to do, Launchpad. Stop! (the whole scene stops)
      Launchpad: Whoa! Pretty handy trick.
      Darkwing: Yeah-yeah-yeah. I just thought this might be a good time to respond to some viewer mail.

    • Darkwing Duck: (Narrating) We caught up with Megavolt in......the bad part of town. Yes, the bad part of town. Where the sun never shines, where brutality is a way of life. And where....well, people are just.....they're not really nice people at all. Really.

    • Darkwing Duck: I am the burnt-out bulb you cannot reach. I am Darkwing Duck!
      Megavolt: Get ready to be Deadmeat Duck!

    • (Darkwing Duck and Lauchpad are exploring Launchpad's brain)
      Launchpad: Careful in here, DW, there are some screws loose.

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