Darkwing Duck

Season 1 Episode 62

Jail Bird

Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM Dec 03, 1991 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • One of the evil alter-ego's that Darkwing created in order to get arrested by the police, Demolition Duck, appears in the Darkwing Duck comic story arc Crisis on Infinite Darkwings, written by Ian Brill and drawn by James Silvani, as one of the multiple Darkwing Ducks of other dimensions that were brought to St. Canard by Negaduck and Magica DiSpell.

    • Liquidator and Bushroot lost their powers, but kept their altered appearances. Shouldn't they have reverted to their original forms?

  • Quotes

    • (Quackerjack begins biting Mega Negaduck's arm after being zapped by the Mystic Eye)
      Quackerjack: I'm ruined! Ruined! Ruined!!!
      Mega Negaduck: What are you whining about? You never had any powers to begin with!
      Quackerjack: You stole...my wackiness!
      Mega Negaduck: I did not. (He begins laughing uncontrollably like Quackerjack then snaps out it) Okay, okay. Maybe I did.

    • (Mega Negaduck uses Liquidator's powers to part the ocean)
      Liquidator: Say, how come I never thought of doing that?

    • Darkwing: (they use cement on the water part of Mega Negaduck's body) Yep, yep. Another hardened criminal.

    • Bushroot: How could I trust him? How could I be such a sapling?

    • Mega Negaduck: Bon jour, boneheads. I'm off to wallow in mindless destruction.

    • Megavolt: The incredible Megavolt, forced to waste his wattage on menial labor. Revolting!

    • Bushroot: This can't be Darkwing Duck. He would have called me mean names like Bushbrain and Mellonhead.
      Megavolt: I think Bushbrain is right.
      Quackerjack: Yeah, good thinking, Mellonhead.
      Bushroot: Takes one to know one.

    • Megavolt: Say, you look familiar.
      Darkwing: (in disguise) But of course I look familiar. I'm Demolishion Duck over here. The mighty mallard menace. Champion of chicanery.Vanguard of villainy.
      Bushroot: He's so arrogant.
      Liquidator: So one hundred percent egotistical.
      Megavolt: He's so pretenious.
      Quackerjack: So...Oooh...Squiggly!
      Megavolt, Bushroot, Quackerjack, and Liquidator: He must be.....Darkwing Duck!

    • Liquidator: Look fellas. Another fine inmate brought to you by the St. Canard police force. When it comes to nabbing hoods, they've got the goods.

    • Negaduck: How interesting. If the Mystic Eye can steal that dove's ability to fly, then it can steal the powers of those super powered simpletons. (laughs) Looks like I'm going to visit my old chums in prison after all.

    • Darkwing: (to Bushroot's plant) Back, or I'll nip you in the bud.

    • Darwing: Nothing can possibly get by me. (the Fearsome Five are sneaking in a window) I'm the King of Crimebusting. The Duke of Detection. (walks by the Fearsome Five as they pose like a statue) Nothing escapes my eagle eye. Not even the most miniscule...Hey, how ya doin guys? Not even the most miniscule de...Guys! The Fearsome Five!
      Negaduck: Well, whadda ya know. It can count.

    • Darwing: You stay here and keep an eyeon...Uh...Winky.
      Launchpad: But DW...
      Darkwing: No "buts". I can handle this case solo. Nothing can go wrong. (he lands on the Ratchatcher and pulls a lever and is slammed into the roof and comes back down in the wrecked Ratcatcher) Ouch.

    • Launchpad: Whoa, DW. This Mystic Eye most be really important! Blinky the Clown doesn't make personal appearences unless it's something big.

    • Liquidator: (To Darkwing) Are you stressed? Tired of the pitfalls of superhero life? What you need is an all-expenses-paid trip to oblivion!

    • Negaduck: Megavolt! Bushroot! Cash this do-gooder's check!
      Megavolt: I'm a little low on cash. Mind if I charge it?

    • Negaduck: (After absorbing the Fearsome Five's powers) I...am...Mega Negaduck! (Laughs)
      Darkwing: (Tuts) Somedays it just doesn't pay to get out of bed!

    • Mega Negaduck: I've always wanted to try out my recipe for St Canard stew! (Laughs like Quackerjack) I hate that.

    • Megavolt: I've lost my zap; I'm...microvolt!

    • Negaduck: How sweet. A beautiful dove, the symbol of peace. Maybe I should feed it-to a cat!

    • Megavolt: (About Quackerjack) Look at him. he's nuts, he's out of his tree, completely insane. (Pulls out lightbulb) Isn't he, my wittle bulby-wulby?

    • Megavolt: If there's anything worse than slop, it's cold slop!

    • Negaduck Negaduck crushes all obstacles! (A boulder falls on him)...or vice versa!

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