Darkwing Duck

Season 1 Episode 21

Just Us Justice Ducks (2)

Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM Oct 03, 1991 on ABC

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  • 2nd part to the Just Us Justice Ducks.

    Darkwing has been kicked out of Negaduck's hideout and by chance lands in a garbage truck with breaks his fall. He sees how the city has been taken over by the five villains and feels like it is all his fault. The other heroes decide they must take action and they head out to foil the villains. One by one they are captured by the bad guys. Darkwing makes it back to the hideout and breates himself. Gosalyn and Launchpad tell him that the others have been captured and are in terrible danger. It seems that Negaduck is going to finish them off and Darkwing....
  • Darkwing has a chance to stop the Fearsome 5 [Bushroot , Lquidator, Quackerjack, Megavolt and Nega-duck],and get all the credit but Morgana, Gizmo-Duck ,Neptuina and Stegmutt want to help........for people who don't know the show....

    it starts off at Darkwing Tower, DW, very moody superhero, is getting ready for his date with Morgana ,over modest witch/ DW's girlfriend also her bats, EEk& Squeak and pider Archie. Goslyn's there too, DW's spirited daughter who's just as sarcastic as him. Dw is getting his hair like Elvis, goslyn thinks he's bad at inpersions. Morgana wants to help, so she uses her magic...and turns him into a yak.

    DW- can u change me back?
    Morgana-i think so [turns him back],okay, now that's better.
    Goslyn-would u be able to turn him into, say, pudding?
    Morgana- Pudding? i'm not sure...
    [lights go out]
    DW- uh, Morgana, can u turn the lights back on?
    Morgana- but, i didn't take them off.

    the whole city blacks out, Goslyn say's it's the power company, she's right. blah blah blah it's Megavolt.
    DW-well, duty calls [about tp jump]
    Morgana-but are date?
    Dw-oh,well...come along, u can watch me stop Megavolt then we'll go.
    Morgana [a bit scared]- i'm going with u?
    Goslyn- don't worry, just turn the bad guy into pudding!

    Megavolt is a rat that has eletric powers, and is trying to up this green box on the main circits. [it'll mean something later] Darwkign appears, explains thing to Morgana how it works, 1 2 3 Quackerjack comes. Quackerjack; crazy clown that makes dangerous toys and is totally loony. DW, trying to impress Morgana, tries to fight by himself.

    [Darkwing with giant fake teeth on him]
    Morgana- ohmigosh. Dark, let me get thiese off u!
    DW- Morgana, don't worry.
    Morgana closes her eyes then sees Darkwing tied to an electric chair.
    Megavolt-how to you like ur superheros?
    Quackerjakc- fried to a crackling crisp.
    DW scared- Morgana! Help!
    Morgana- oh, you mean that pudding thing Goslyn mentioned?
    DW- anything zap away!
    She zaps, it looks like it hit all 3, it hits DW only
    Megavotl- look he's pudding
    Quackerjack licks- and tasty to boot! Ha Ha Ha
    they both walk away laffing at that.
    DW- Morgana, honey, u need to work on ur aim.
    Morgana- sorry.

    blah blah blah, Quackerjack and Megavolt zap each other and laff at that too.
    back at Darkwing Tower,
    Goslyn- i knew u could do it, let's play with him!
    DW- that's not funny! Morgana, fix me!
    Morgana- oh Dark, i'm so sorry, i'll fix u in 2 shakes of a ghoul's tail. she's turns him into a yak, again.

    by morning, Bushroot; over sensitive plant-like villian and Luqidator; water formed bussiness dog, are near the polic station, something about their boss blah blah blah Darkwing hears about it but he's stilla yak.

    Goslyn- maybe Morgana can he-
    DW cover her mouth- don't tell her about this,
    Morgana- oh, Dark, if u need any help i-
    DW- no N0 no,i can handle it, just chage me back! She does
    DW- later- he leaves
    MorgaN to Goslyn- do u think he still likes me?

    DW is on his motorcycle, runs into Stegmutt; duck turned dinasour trying to sell hotdogs
    Stegmutt- hi Darkwing, i though something brushed against me, want a hotdog?
    blah blah blah, he does, and has change[ comes up later] blah blah blah, Police Station is on a giant bean stock, Stegmutt asks what's going on.
    DW-oh, i'm just here with Lquadtior and Bushroot, most dangerous vilains ever, and were playing pretend! Stegmutt- oh boy, i love pretend!
    blah blah blah Lqudatior- let's pretend he;s n fire
    Bushroot- yeah, put out the Darkwing!
    DW- like he's gonna-
    grabs by feet and Stegmutt sings - Put out the Darkwing! Put out the Darkwing!
    Lqudatior- 4 outa 5 denist say lets get out of here.
    blah blah blah, DW blams Stegmutt for everything, very meanly, Stegmutt then Breaks the Bean Stock and it falls on Darkwing.
    the Bean stock lands the Polic in the ocean, they are found by Neptuina; hostial mutated fish, and Hal, giant squid pal of her's.

    Dw under the Bean stock- this is the 2nd most painful moment of my life.
    Stegmutt take him out- whar was the first?
    DW- put out the Darkwing, put out the Darkwing.
    blah blah blah, Neptunia comes [are these your's?] blah blah blah DW is annoyed people are trying to help, she gets annoyed and throws him- the 3rd most painful moment of my life.

    blah blah blah, all 4 villains report bakc to Negaduck, their boss. Negaduck- DW's evil twin, very evil, ruthless, a red/ yellow version of Darkwing and very violent.
    Bushroot- what if Darkwing Duck show up?
    they all duck, and Negaduck blast 2 huge guns in their direction.
    Negaduck- soemthing like that, but worst, evil laff.

    At SHUSH, a secret organazaion DW works for, with Lanchpad [where has he been?] J.Gander, short old guy that give DW his weapons, is sad about the villainss attacks.
    DW-i wish i were there to stop em
    LP- but you were there DW,
    DW- i know that but he does't have to.
    blah blah blah, Negaduck shows up, much to Dw's annoyance, but no one knows who's who.

    Dr. Sara Bellum with new weapon- well, since we can't tell i guess we'll just have to kill them both.
    J.Gander- DR. BELLUM!
    Dr.Bellum- just kidding [ that was funny]
    blah blah blah, Fuzz-wuzzy buny go BAM, Negaduck revealed, he uses the new SHUSH toy to fill SHUSH with some expanding pis ray thing, floods SHUSH.
    Negaduck jumps on DW: this-is-the happiest- moment- of- my- life :he jumps off: alomsot forgot- this is for- Megavolt- Bushroot- Quakcerjack- Lquadtior- and Negaduck makes 5, the Fearsome 5 [ bad name].
    he runs off and the others look mad at DW.

    DW &LP on the motorcycle, on their way to Darkwing Tower. it's on the bridge, they pass up Steggy,
    DW- first they take out the polic, then SHUSH, this is GREaT! the making of my career! nothing can interfer not even-
    - the National Guard...[tv reporter].. has been called to resort peace in the now lawless city of St. Canard.
    DW stops- THAT NATIONAL GUARD, what could be worst.
    speak of the geek
    Reporter- and Duckburg's own, GizmoDuck!
    Gizmoduck, very annoying cyborg, not as cool as it sounds, that clashes with DW, old friend of Lp's though.
    DW- that last thing i need it that goody-goody do-gooder Gizmoduck stealing my spotlight!
    LP- ah G, DW, u could se alittle help, i mean, they took out the police and SHUSH right under ur nose.
    DW quietly annoyed- i know that! Goslyn and Morgana are watching from the Tower.
    Goslyn- there's Darkwing now, come one i'll prove he still likes ya.
    Morgana- i don't know, he looks kinda busy don't ya think?
    not listening, Goslyn drags her down the way.

    DW- alright Gizmo, pack up ur boyscouts and hit the breaks.
    Gizmo- Darkwing Duck, how condister of you to offer your assitence.
    DW- me? help you? i don;t think, Stegmutt!
    Steggy- Mr.Darkwing, u forgot your change!
    Gizmo- so, are u here to help?
    DW- no he's not-
    Goslyn happy- Stegmutt!
    Steggy happy- Goslyn!
    DW suprised- Morgana?
    Morgana dreamy- Dark,
    Gizmo, interseted, towards Morg- HI!
    DW- Morgana, what are u doing here?
    Morgana- aren't u glad to see me?
    DW- well, yes, technically, but i...
    Morgana- oh, i know, it's too dangerous, i'll leave.
    DW- no, that's not what i,
    Gizmo gives candy to Goslyn, this is no place for Children litttle Gizmo-buddy [yucky name]
    DW- will u butt out?
    Gizmo to Morgana- so, are u here to lend a hand?
    DW annoyed- N0, N0 N0 no one is lending anybod a hand!

    LP looks in different Direction,
    LP- ahh,DW, i think there's something u oughta see
    DW- not now Lanchpad i'm busy! i'm perffectly capble of handling my city by myself.
    everyone sees the Fearsome 5, except DW
    Negaduck says now, Megavolt presses a big button, a huge green force feild starts to circle the city. while everyone runs away from it on the bridge, DW is still talking [no harm will come to my fair city] and almost falls. the force field cirlces all of St. Canard and Negaduck says it's ours.

    DW thinks it's super perfect for himself, so does Negaduck blah blah blah the Fearsome 5 stick their tongues at Gizmoduck, he tries to fly up to there heleacoptor blah blah blah he falls on Darkwing blah blah blahNeptuina comes,

    Neptunia- are these ours too?
    [about Natonail Guard]
    Gizmoduck- are u here to help too?
    DW makes annoyed face
    Gizmoduck- well, how else do u expect to round up these villains?
    Goslyn- YEAH! u can be a super hero team, the Justice Ducks
    Neptuina- but were not ducks.
    Steggy- i use to be a duck.
    Gizmoduck and Goslyn get really into the idea, Darkwing is slowing grinding his teeth and losing his mind.
    Gizmoduck notices- or not?
    DW angry- not is RIGHT! i don't need any of your help! i don't need u[ Neptuina]! or you [Steggy] or you [Morgana] and espaiclly not U [Gizmo]! everybody just G0 AWAY!
    Goslyn- see if i ever try to help again!
    Neptuina- yeah, what a marter!
    Lanchpad- whatever ya say, DW.
    Morgana- maybe we should date other people!
    Eek &Squeak stick their tongues at him.
    Steggy- i was just trying to give him his change.
    everyone is gone expect Gizmo.
    DW- well?
    Gizmo- i am not here out of fame i'm here blah blah blah blah blah blah blah
    DW- look, Gizmoduck, there is an over due libary book over there!
    he flies off, alone DW plans to save the city by himself, long story short, he finds a clue which leads him to the huge hotel/ tower the Fearsome 5 are at, they planned it and get rid of him no problem. he falls and wakes up where the Fearsome 5 have taken over the city. plants and toys are attacking people. 1 area is flooded and DW blames himself as is walks home.

    at Darkwing Tower, the others are talkign about how it only took 5 mintues to take over St.Canard, they don't know where DW is and they need a plan- Gizmoduck crashes in. he tells everyone what to do, Goslyn wants to help but no kids alllowed so she asks Steggy to find her dad, but Neptuina doesn't want to stay on dryland. Morgana- won't u reconsider, i have some mositerizore u can borrow,
    Neptuina- not my brand, good luck Land dwellers.

    she meets up with Hal, she guesses what he said, it will come up again later but i forgot it.
    Neptuina being dragged by Hal- it's not my flaut i can't understand u, maybe if u had a mouth.
    she sees Lquaditor selling life bots 1000 dollars each, feels sorry for the landdwellers, tries to help but Lquidator can take over as much water as he wants, she loses.

    Morgana and her bats floating, trying to find Negaduck's hotel, they do.
    Morgana- Archie, there's the Villain's hide, [happy] my powers worked!
    russling nosie behind bushes
    at the same time-Bushroot!Morgana!- Eeka nd Squeak are annoyed.
    Morgana- oh, where's Dark when i need him?
    Bushroot- Ha, Darkwing Duck is a smire on the pavement.
    angry Morgana- N0 N0 N0! not my Dark! Eek, Aqueak, ATTACK!
    they do, Bushroot calls little plants to eat them, Morgana turns them into daisies, doesn't matter.
    Morgana- see, nw they're just helpless Daises.
    Bushroot- that's what u think, right boys?
    the daisies twist around Morgana- Stop that!
    Bushroot- now big guy!
    a big tree knocks out Morgana.
    Bushroot- some witch, doesn't do a bad daisy though. blah blah blah, poor Seggy meets up with Quackerjack,
    Steggy- gasp, your a villain!
    Quackerjack- gasp, your a genuis
    ,who knocks him out...i failed u Goslyn.
    u don't wanna know how Megavolt vs Gizmoduck goes. Gizmo steps on his foot, then 1 zap.

    Negaduck is happy St.Canard's heros are such losers and how they now have everything. Archie leaves to go back to Lanchpad and Goslyn.
    he climbs up Darkwing Tower, where Goslyn and Lanchpad look really bored and worried. Lanchpad stomps on Archie.
    LP- AHH! Spider!
    Goslyn- no, that's Archie, Morgana's friend.
    LP- sorry
    Goslyn pettting Archie,- what is it, Archie old pal?
    Archie grumbles, LP thinks it's the same thing Hal said. Goslyn firgures out that Morgana and the others are captured, which makes her upset that'll she'll never see her dad again.
    speak of the glum-guy, DW walks in gloomy, though Goslyn i sreally happy to see him.
    while kissing his cheek- DAD! ur ok!
    DW- no, i'm not, i'm dirt, i'm lower than dirt, i am not the terror that flaps in the night.[ almost steps on Archie while tugs on LP's shirt] i'm the self centered boob who hands over the city at the drop of the dime! a dirty slimey slug!
    Lanchpad- tat's not true DW, ur not a Slug.
    DW continues his gloomy rant while Goslyn tries to tell him about the others being captured but he doesn't listen.
    DW- maybe the Justice Ducks can still save the city, so where are they anyway?
    Goslyn- that's what i've been trying to tell u! they're captured by Negaduck!
    DW, over his gloomy mood- well, i guess we have to go save them.
    why Lanchpad and Goslyn don't go with them i don't get.

    Negaduck is super happy about how he plans to kill the other.
    Gizmoduck wired and his beloved suite will be drained then he'll be zapped by it himself. he pleds and gets ignored.
    Neptunia will be a Fish Fry, she's strapped down and is under a huge lamp. Negaduck pinches her teeth and she tries to bite him.
    Stegmutt is in a dome where he's weightless, can't use his stength and is about to have the air sucked out. he was enjoying til, Negaduck- i hope u can hold ur breath a long time...
    pretty Morgana is stapped in a huge chair, holding her head and arms down, the machine will drain her power while it crushes her head[ and large hair], she just shakes.
    they will all die as soon as Negaduck pulls... THE SWITCH! he tries a few fake ones to freak them out then when he's about to pull the really big one, he hears fighting in the over room.
    Negaduck- oh give me just a little [kicks down the door] BREAK!
    Megavolt, Bushroot, Lqudaitor and Quackerjack are pulling on each other, ALL- Negaduck!
    Negaduck- i'm trying to have a little fun, IS THERE A PR0BLEM UP HERE?
    their fighting over area, negaduck rubs his temples and grabs a chainsaw. they think he's gonna kill them, but he cuts a little model of St.Canard into 4.
    Negaduck- there ya go, kids, 1 umpire for each of u, u run it, u doing everything.
    Quackerjack- Ge, how generuos! [BannaHead] but what about u?
    Negaduck- i get[ giant pile of money/ gold] the loot.
    ALL- what! why?
    Negaduck- cause i said..[shows chainsawe]
    ALL- ok.
    he leaves, Lqudiator- just when crime was abput to pay, the double cross!

    in other room,Negaduck- now all of u, eat hot DEATH!
    Negaduck- what now?
    goes to intercomp,
    Darkwing as old lady- flowers for Negaduck!
    Negaduck- i hate fowers.
    DW- did i say flowers? i ment shulks for Negaduck!
    Negaduck licks his lips- i'll be right there.
    he steps out of elavator,
    DW- did i say shulks, i ment Anvuls!
    Negaduck is out cold
    DW- perfect disgues.
    Quackerjack- well, Negaduck can't have it all for himself.
    Bushroot- i got it,
    ALL- let's kill Negaduck!
    DW walks in as Negaduck [lol!!!!]
    DW- it is i, Negaduck, ur lord and master!
    Megavolt- get em!
    [ since it was about to go to commerical, they freeze frame the part where they all jump DW]
    DW running away-is this anyway to treat your leader! so much for the perfect disgues,
    Megavolt and Lqudaitor have him connered and are attacking.
    Bushroot cheering while Negaduck comes in- kill Negaduck! kill Negaduck! Negaduck- kill who?
    this confuses the villains, DW shows he's not Negaduck, they get more confused thinking they already killed him and Negaduck is furious, tugging on his hat and going red. Darkwing is being held by Bushroot as she sees his commrads fallen.
    Gizmoduck sad- Hi Wingy,
    Negaduck- and remember sports fan, u all die when i pull-
    ALL depressed- we know, we know, the switch.
    Negaduck pulls it, Neptuina begins to sweat,Gizmo is feeling shocks, Morgana head is making cracking sounds and Steggy is losing air.
    Darkwing and Negaduck then start going back and forth on the switch.
    DW-oh no u don't!
    All- sign with relief
    Negaduck- oh yes i do!
    ALL- AHH!!!
    oh no u don't!
    All- sign with relief
    Negaduck- oh yes i do!
    ALL- AHH!!!
    AHH!!! then Negaduck finally has enough, grabs a chainsawe and is goes to DW's neck,
    DW scared- somebody do something!
    chainsawe truns into Yak, DW looks a Morgana, who raised her finger and looks tried. the Yak falls on Negaduck.
    DW trying to pull off thestrap on Morgana's head,
    Morgana- did i do good,Drk?
    DW- ya did great Morg.
    she's free, DW then unstraps Gizmo, really fast, Morgana helps Neptuina ,they high five, kinda cute, Gizmo helps Steggy. blah blah blah, corny scence then they all start fighting.Neptuina vs , she wins, Put out the Bushroot, Put out the Bushroot,DW helps Morgana zap a just-add-water-pudding ontop of Lqudaitor then he and Gizaroo turn him into pudding. after the Fearsome 5 are beaten, Negaduck tries to escape by running to the roof, now he's the fearsome 1.
    Negaduck on the edge of the roof- one more step, and i'll press this button that will bring the force field in, and crush the city [ the JD gasp] nw, i'll just push it anyway.
    All- N0!
    this scares him and he falls, off a very high builinding. while the Justice Ducks[hate the name] watch him fall, DW helps make it evern more painful and funny.

    so, the Force field is turned off and St. Canard is safe.
    at Darkwing Tower,
    Dw- nice work Jusitce Ducks[ still hate the name, Goslyn hugs her dad]
    Neptuina- i'm not a duck!
    Steggy- i use to be a duck,
    Gizmoduck- hey you old camonjen, i thought u didn't want to be a team?
    DW- well, i never said that...out loud,
    Morgana- oh Dark!
    she grabs him, hugs and kisses him, much to the ohh and aww from the others[down Wingy]
    Goslyn- now u can go on ur date,
    Gizmoduck- THATS IT! we all go on a big date!
    DW- no no no, [ pushes Gizmo] get away, [walks away with Morgana] i can handle this, myself.
    screen goes black, Gizmo is stil talking.
    but what about the team?
    DW- not now!
    Steggy- oh Mr. Darkwing, you forgot your change!
    DW- nah, u keep it Stegger.
    Steggy -oh boy!
    DW dreamy- shall we Morg?
    Morgana- yes, Dark...

    this was a great epsiode, i wish i could see it again.
  • The Fearsome Five have successfully taken over St. Canard via the electromagnetic force field AND have also captured all of the Justic Ducks (except Darkwing). Now Darkwing must infiltrate the villains\' base and save the other Justice Ducks from their do

    I really enjoy any Darkwing Duck episode with Negaduck and/or the Fearsome Five. Negaduck is probably one of the best cartoon villian characters I have ever seen. He is just so evil! In this great second-parter, which is technically only his second appearance, Negaduck already performed all the cliche` super-villian actions: took over an entire city, captured all his enemies (except Darkwing, which he thought he killed), and even double-crossed his partners in crime. Now, the most hilarious part of the episode is when Megavolt, Bushroot, Quackerjack, and the Liquidator all decide that they are going to kill Negaduck for taking all the loot. They attack Darkwing instead, as he is dressed like Negaduck to gain their confidence and rescue his allies (whom he initially shunned). Then, Negaduck comes back, after being temporarily put out of commission by Darkwing, only to find that HIS cronies are all now against him, and he is less than happy about it. The whole thing turns into a huge fiasco, and the Fearsome Four end up attacking Darkwing after Negaduck yells at them for trying to kill HIM, even though it was Darkwing who they were really in conflict with. Of course, Darkwing gets captured as well but eventually saves everyone, frees the city from the Fearsome Five, and gives Negaduck a taste of his own medicine.