Darkwing Duck

Season 1 Episode 64

Kung Fooled

Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM Dec 05, 1991 on ABC



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  • Quotes

    • Darkwing: I'm going to put out my own series of videos. Self Defense - The Darkwing Way.
      Gosalyn: Yeah, right Dad. Who would want to sit and watch you for half an hour.
      (they sheepishly grin and wave to the watching audience)

    • Goose Lee: At last I can call you a true Quack Foo warrior.
      Darkwing: You better call me a doctor instead.

    • Darkwing: Yeah-yeah-yeah. Darkwing Duck scores another smash success. (gets smashed flat by the falling dragon)
      Dragon: Fall down and go boom.

    • Goose Lee: Where did I go wrong? All I wanted to do was spread the wisdom of Quack Foo.
      Gosalyn: There, there. Don't beat yourself up. Let me do it! (kicks him)

    • Darkwing: O.k., nobody panic. Darkwing Duck is on the job. (gets burned to a crisp) O.k., now you can panic.

    • Goose Lee: Oh great ancient dragon of Kung Pow, you are mine to command. Let me hear your fearsome roar! (the dragon talks like a baby) Huh?

    • Gosalyn: (falls into the middle of the enemy ninjas) Uh, Girl Scout cookies anyone?

    • Darkwing: Suck Gas, you ninja nincompoops!

    • Darkwing: (after being thrown around and smashed flat for the commercial shoot) So how'd I do, Master Lee?
      Goose Lee: Adequately, Grubworm. Now let's try it with film in the camera.

    • Darkwing: Once again the dauntless Darkwing Duck deftly defeats the demon's devious...Uh
      Gosalyn: Deviltry.
      Darkwing: Deviltry!

    • Launchpad: He's getting away, D.W.!
      Darkwing: Don't worry, sidekick. Darkwing Duck has the situation in...(fires a suction cup tied to a rope from his gas gun and it attaches to a truck)...Hand? Yeow!!!!

    • Darkwing: Give it up, Moliarty. We've got you cornered like the rat you are.

    • Darkwing: Gosalyn! You're supposed to be home studying for your geography test.
      Gosalyn: But this is much more educational, Dad.

    • Gosalyn: (About the dragon) Let's blow it up!
      Darkwing: Let's blow it up, blow it up, blow it up! That's your solution to everything!
      Gosalyn: It worked when the sink was stopped up!

    • Darkwing: I am the bubblegum that sticks in your hair.

    • Darkwing: I am the news bulletin that interrupts your favorite show.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Kung fool:

      A parody of Kung Fu, the martial art.

    • Goose Lee

      The name Goose Lee is a reference to the martial artist and actor Bruce Lee.

    • Moliarty

      The name Moliarty is a take off on the name of Dr. Moriaty, who was Sherlock Holmes nemesis. As the character in Darkwing Duck is a mole, the word mole has been worked into the beginning of his name.