Darkwing Duck

Season 1 Episode 49

Let's Get Respectable

Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM Nov 14, 1991 on ABC

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  • Darkwing tries to change his image.

    Darkwing tries to change his image and gain everyone's favor over Gizmoduck. He changes everything about himself and begins to win everyone over. Negaduck sees his chance and creates mayhem and blames it all on Darkwing. This causes the citizens to turn on Darkwing and Negaduck starts to rob the city blind. Darkwing is depressed at first because Negaduck got the better of him because he was so concerned over his image then he realizes that what he was doing before is what he should be doing now. He decides it's time for the old Darkwing Duck to return and stop Negaduck...
  • sick and wrong! [written while watching it]

    after seeing how much the public likes nice, safe Gizmoduck on a tvshow, Dw gets annoyed. more annoyed when the show says he's too scarey.
    PLEASE! Dw is a dark hero, people like dark more........well my generation does now. i like his outift and hat and Darkwing is hilarious no matter how old i am.

    when he became that sugary, fliry, swany thing...........i felt sick and disgusted. the giant swan was too much.
    thank good for Negaduck, he hates new Darkwing more than before. the funny thing was when he threw knives and a heart shaped cookie cuter at DW's new picture.

    he even sent the cops away for a fishing trip. he's done stupid things before......but this is high on the list.

    there's too much love!!!!!!!!!!mayor for the day!!!!!!!!!! sick!!!!!!!his flower pelts aren't working, what a shock,T_T.
    least Goslyn, Lanchpad and Honker are still ok. even if they're the one who changed him.

    Negaduck is getting him feared again. G0 Negaduck, even if he's dressed as a baby he unlocks the crooks and the people blame DW.

    Goslyn-come on Dad, u can't hide forever.
    DW-how could i be so stupid, so caught in my own image to let Negaduck trick me?
    LP- aww, u were just being urself DW, any itdoit would've done the same thing.
    DW-thanks LP.

    he's become public enemy 1. and he is taking other's idea. thankfully, he comes to his senses. Negaduck locks up this helpers,they're not invited to his party, is happy about the money but Darkwing comes in.
    Negaduck- i knew i couldn't last forever...
    they fight with a door, always funny. Negaduck falls in jail, IT'S PARTY TIME. DW leaves police a note about what happens, and say "now he'll be wearing that stupid hat." it's not stupid!

    sad part is, to cheer him up, they gave him a Gizmoduck doll wearing a hat and cape. so wrong!

    i knew i shouldn't have seen this epsiode. but i can praticte my typing.