Darkwing Duck

Season 3 Episode 12

Malice's Restaurant

Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM Nov 28, 1992 on ABC

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  • Not exactly one of the better episodes in the season, let alone the series.

    I'll admit, this wasn't one of my favorite episodes. The subplot about Morgana's restaurant was slightly interesting, as it dealt with Darkwing's inability to accept her just the way she was and not be embarrassed by her (which he does by the ending), however, the second storyline, about the cute little bunnies was just plain weak. Pretty much, it amounted to Negaduck trying to turn the adorable bunnies into menacing, violent ones to corrupt the youth watching them. Out of all the things this character has done, this had to be the silliest. Which is sad, considering this was the last episode aired that he appeared in. Not to mention that the bunnies were just plain annoying. Though this episode still had a good amount of humor. Though it wouldn't even be the sixth episode I'd watch if I had the chance.
  • Morgana thinks Darkwing is embrassed by her which leads to her meeting the Muddlefoots. DW really just doesn't support her opening a restraunt and Negaduck wants to turn cute bunnies evil.

    Negaduck attacks teddy bear factory.
    At Morgana's restraunt DW tells Lanchpad and Goslyn he got the Cute Little Lost Bunnies to counteract how creepy Morgana's restraunt is. he doesn't tell Morgana, wnating it to be a suprise.
    Silly Morgana thinks DW supports her restraunt,The Shadow Chateau, and likes her food. so wrong. her Aunt Nasty would rather eat DW, Globby's there too. Goslyn tells her dad the Bunnies will comes, Morgana hears her and is not happy.
    the Bunnies are the opposite of her restraunt, get angry, DW says he'll get rid of the bunnies after a lighting shock. Morgana:oh, why can't you just accept me for what i am Dark, why must u be ashamed of me?
    Dw:i'm not ashamed, it's just that-
    Morgana leaning over him: if your not ashmaed of me, then why don't u take me anywhere? why have i never met any of your friends?
    dW:with my busy crime busting schedule i don't have time to make friends.
    Lanchpad: gee DW, what about Herb and Binkie?
    dW- you exsits you torment me, don't cha?

    Morgana meets Herb and Binkie, who are suprised Drake has such an...interseing girlfriend. who's into bats, werid hair and freaky family members. DW trys to replace the McCawber's 'dangerous' food but it doesn't work and has hilarious results. why aren't Tank and Honker there?
    in the end, the Muddlefoots like the mcCawber's strange food. DW is honest about not wanting to hurt Morgana's feelings which makes her really happy.
    Morgana:you really do love me,
    everyone claps.kinda corny.

    Negaduck reads that the Bunnies will be at the Shadow Chateau. the Food Credic likes Morgana's restraunt, doesn't like when the Bunnies show up. Morgana is very mad at Dw for forgetting to cancel them. Negaduck helps by putting his attack squidin a stew.

    DW balmes Morgana's evil food, he and Lanchpad make a very wrong idea about who did it. Morgana and Goslyn figure it was Negaduck. Morgana tells gos to stay and help clean while she goes after Negaduck.
    Negaduck is trying to turn the bunnies evil, not working, Morgana comes to stop him but DW knocks her out by accidnet.

    threaten by dogs,they're tied up, Goslyn and Morgana's pets save them. them against Negaduck, lots of zapping, zaps don't always work. Morgana's a slug, goslyn Archie Eek Squeak and the squid are tied up, Negaduck has a big robosuit. DW takes him out, too easy, then tells Morgana he accepts her for which is is as long as it's not a slug. Lanchpad comes, and is no use.

    it ends where Morgana, Goslyn, Herb and Binkie are about to eat........Darkwing...