Darkwing Duck

Season 1 Episode 46

My Valentine Ghoul

Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM Nov 11, 1991 on ABC
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My Valentine Ghoul
Darkwing’s refusal of Morgana’s suggestion of help, makes her very angry, which Negaduck sees as an opportunity.

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  • Darkwing and Morgana have some issues that come out.

    Morgana and Darkwing are on a date and Darkwing lets it slip that he doesn't want her help because she used to be a criminal and he doesn't completely trust her. This makes her very angry and they have a fight and she leaves. Negaduck tries to use this to his advantage to woo Morgana into helping him with his crime spree. He tells her that he's given up his evil ways (though he is just lying to her) and just then Darkwing comes in. Darkwing tries to make up by promising to take Morgana on a special Valentine date and...moreless
  • Morgana & Darkwing get in a fight and Negaduck, Goslyn and Morgana's pets make it worst.

    Morgana and Darkwing are on a date in a graveyard; Goslyn, Eek, Squeak and Archie are watching. Morgana says she could help DW with dimaond robberies,Darkwing says something very stupid which gets her VERY mad. Negaduck, who's stealing dimaonds watches the fight. Morgana thinks DW doesn't trust her so there through.

    Negaduck goes to Morgana's, saying he's changed, saldy Morgana belives him, Dw walks in to their hugging. Negaducks says he makes Valentine Candy now.

    Darkwing- ok Morgana, what were u and the Cassanova of Crime really up to?

    Morgana [enjoying it]- why Darkwing, don't tell me; your jealous!

    Dakrwing- maw? jealous of Negaduck? oh sure he's incredibly good looking[they look exactly the same], a snappy dresser[his outfit in red/yellow], fabously wealthy[stolen], but i on the other hand am [on knees hugging Morgana's legs, crying] depressed! oh please don't toss me ta side, Morgana, i beg of you!

    Morgana says lets forgive and forget, and all 3 of them are pals now.DW doesn't like it. at Carnavial.

    Morgana- this carnavial is full of creeps, mutants and misfits [sigh happily] just like my last family reuion. Negaduck is still evil, duh, DW doesn't trust him but Morgana does. Goslyn and M's pets are still following them. Negaduck puts DW &Morgana in the tunnel of Love, perfect Valentine Ride.

    DW-ya know, maybe i was wrong about Negaduck, maybe he has changed.

    Morgana- you see Dark Darling, u really can trust people.

    Negaduck with statue's arrow.

    Negaduck- yeah Dark Darling, u can even trust me, trust me to obliterate you!

    Negaduck ruins Morgana& DW's kiss.Negaduck lies to her about it which gets her more annoyed thinking DW just left her. Goslyn wants to help so EEk& Squeak bring her to Morgana's talking spellbook. Quacky, the book, thinks the love potion is Goslyn's boy-trouble, lol, but helps her anyway. the potion works on Archie and EEk for a minute then Morgana comes home. Negaduck figures falling for a good guy is what turned her good so falling for him will turn her evil.

    Negaduck holding Morgana- ahh, my sweet magical Morgana, my bewitching witch, my -disappears- hey!

    appears, Morgana- Negaduck! what are u doing!

    Negaduck grabs her again- can't you see we were mad for each other?

    Morgana- forget it! the only duck i'm interested in is Dakrwing! but i'm not so sure about him anymore.

    DW walks in on that, Morgana is still mad at him.

    and this part is one i saw on Youtube 4 months ago which started a huge obession.

    Goslyn- uh-oh, i better spray Morgana quick before dad explains himself in even more toruble. the potion works, DW falls in love with Negaduck, which gets very ugly. Negaduck tells DW to jump off a cliff.

    DW-yo, anything for u Negmister.

    Morgana and Negaduck watch him. he jumps, Goslyn-oh, bumer!

    Negaduck- and to think, all this time, all i had to do was ask.

    Morgana is annoyed he's still trying to flirt with her, she's happy to see Dw alright. the potion wears off and DW makes an AWS0ME jealous face.

    Negaduck- don't worry Morgana, he won't spoil are romance, i'll just have him jump off another cliff.

    Dw- the only thing i'm gonna jump is you! you repulsive Romeo!

    Dw& Negaduck fight.Morgana is really confused. EEk& Squeak tell her it was a love potion.than she's unhappy that some itdiot thought of that. Goslyn-him/her-Archie.

    Dw is knocked out, Morgana is more mad and trie to freeze Negaduck, she zaps Dw, then accidently zaps herself. Negaduck drags her to his factory.

    Goslyn defrosts her dad while Eek&Squeak follow Negaduck. at Negaduck's facotry, Morgana finds out he's been stealing diamonds and lieing to her. he smugges diamonds through candy and wants her magic to help. Morgana refuses, tries to zap Negaduck, he zaps her with a big chocolate gun. Dw comes in, I Am The Terror That Flaps in The Night...he gets zapped with chocolate. Goslyn comes but the potion she brought makes her, EEk and Squeak fall in love with Negaduck. Dw gets out of the chocolate with his buzzsawe cufflinks, he frees Morgana who's happy to see him. big hug, corny line, Goslyn bites her dad then Eek &Squeak toss him around. Morgana figures it's the love potion, Goslyn smothers them with frosting, hugs Negaduck, who's annoyed with her. and zaps her with forsting. the the big gun shoots fire. EEk& Squeak give Morgana the love potion, she gets Dw's gasgun. she asks if he minds, he does, and she tells him to trust her. she shoots the love potion at the firegun, it gets stuff up, blows up, and Negduck falls in love with her. Morgana says she wuvs Negaduck too. Dw is sad about it, Goslyn is mad.

    Morgana asks Negaduck if he wants a jawbreaker, he says yeah, and she breaks his jaw. he falls into the Valentine candy maker, Dw is happy.

    Morgana and Dw are in the same scene as in the beginning, Goslyn is happy with it.

    Morgana- Happy Valentine's day my wittle Honeywupuss.

    kiss on forehead.

    Eek& Squeak sigh, Archie makes gag sound.

    Morgana- may i order for you, Dark?

    Dw-um, are sure that's such a good idea?

    Morgana mad- oh what's the matter? don't u trust me to order dinner!

    Dw- well, it's just that u always order that crawly stuff...

    Morgana- 0H, Darkwing Duck![ crack knuckles] this time u asked for it!

    starts zapping him while he runs away.

    Goslyn- well, ya know what they say, u always hurt the one you love.

    very funny, very romantic, even if they're ducks.moreless
  • Morgana & Darkwing get in a fight and Negaduck, Goslyn and Morgana's pets make it worst.

    Morgana and Darkwing are on a date in a graveyard; Goslyn, Eek, Squeak and Archie are watching. Morgana says she could help DW with dimaond robberies,Darkwing says something very stupid which gets her VERY mad. Negaduck, who's stealing dimaonds watches the fight. Morgana thinks DW doesn't trust her so there through.

    Negaduck goes to Morgana's, saying he's changed, saldy Morgana belives him, Dw walks in to their hugging.
Christine Cavanaugh

Christine Cavanaugh

Gosalyn Mallard

Jim Cummings

Jim Cummings

Darkwing Duck/Drake Mallard, Nega-Duck, Herb Muddlefoot

John Frost

John Frost

Additional Voices

Guest Star

Whitby Hertford

Whitby Hertford

Additional Voices

Guest Star

Jean Kasem

Jean Kasem

Additional Voices

Guest Star

Kath Soucie

Kath Soucie

Morgana Macawber

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • When Negaduck is chipping Morgana out of the ice block, he is wearing Darkwing's outfit.

    • When Darkwing and Morgana are riding a boat in the Tunnel of Love, Negaduck gets on a cupid statue and pulls back on the bow to fire the arrow at Darkwing. When they first show the scene, the bow in cupid's right hand and in the next scene, it's in the left.

    • Negaduck's mouth doesn't move with his line "I don't know what you're trying to pull, Darkwing, but..."

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Negaduck: Care for some chocolate? (Covers Morgana with chocolate then he approaches and tastes the chocolate) Mmm, yum. I've always loved women with good taste.

    • (Morgana tries to hit Negaduck with a freeze spell but it bounces off a tray he's holding and hits her)
      Negaduck: (Laughs)Nice shooting, Annie Oakley. With enemies like you, who needs friends?

    • Morgana: You won't believe it, Negaduck has given up his evil ways.
      Darkwing: You're right. I don't believe it.
      Negaduck: oh, but it's true. I've started my own company, Negasweets. I make Valentine candy.
      Darkwing: Like what? Chocolate-covered grenades?

    • Morgana: Would you like a jawbreaker, darling?
      Negaduck: Ooh, please.
      Morgana: One broken jaw, coming up!

    • Morgana: Negaduck, my little honeywumpus.
      Darkwing: Hey, I'm supposed to be your little honeywumpus!

    • Morgana: This carnival's just a bunch of freaks, creeps, and misfits. Ah, just like my last family reunion!

    • Gosalyn: (To a skeleton) Get a life!

    • Darkwing: (under control of the love potion) Aw, what's the problem, Neggis? Is there anything I can do for you?
      Negaduck: Yeah. Go jump off a cliff.
      Darkwing: Why yes. Anything for you, Neg-Maister.
      (Darkwing literally runs to the nearest cliff and jumps off of it, much to the surprise of Morgana and Negaduck)
      Negaduck: And to think. After all this time, all I had to do was ask.

    • Morgana: I know I said, "forgive and forget." But, this is Negaduck.
      (regarding Darkwing's unusual good behavior to Negaduck)

    • Darkwing I am the lollipop that sticks in your hair.

  • NOTES (0)


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