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  • Although it was entertaining as a child, watching DW over again as I'm older doesn't prove to be as entertaining

    I am the terror that flaps in the night! I am the cramp that ruins your form! I am... DARKWING DUCK!

    Darkwing Duck was probably my favorite show when I was about 10 years old. I loved the humor, the exaggerated characters, and best of all, DW's punch lines that changed each time he said them. Looking back, the show isn't all that great.

    First of all, the animation seems really dated now that I look back. I'm used to seeing really tight and crisp animation on today's cartoons, and that simply isn't present in Darkwing Duck. I would be able to ignore this flaw if the content was entertaining, but it isn't anymore.

    Darkwing's jokes are dull, and the humor isn't what it used to be when I was a kid. It's too exaggerated and childish. If you want to watch really funny cartoons, stick with The Simpsons (the good seasons), South Park, and Family Guy. They're much better.
  • Darkwing Duck is a super duck here that is also Drake Mallard a father to Gosalyn, his daughter. Darkwing has a sidekick named Launchpad McQuack who is a little crazy!

    Darkwing Duck is a super duck here that is also Drake Mallard a father to Gosloin, his daughter. Darkwing has a sidekick named Launchpad McQuack who is a little crazy! Darkwing's favorite saying is, "Let's get dangerous!" But he is very over-protective of his daughter Gosalyn. Sorry if I spelled that wrong it's a hard name! Anyway, I love the episode where Gosloin and her friend get stuck in an art museum. It's not only funny, but so crazy! Gosalyn ends up traped in a painting because of a magic paintbrush! I really hope this show comes back soon!
  • It was okay!

    This show was part of the afternoon block that I watched after school. It reminded me of the Batman Animated Series cartoon that came on a year later. I remember mentioning Darking Duck's call in elementary school and I got in trouble for it.
    "Suck gas evil-doer!" LOL!
    Anyway, this duck named Drake Mallard was tired of seeing crime go unsolved in the city of St. Canard, so he decided to take the law in his own hands. He also had a sidekick named Launchpad and he made the gadgets. At times, I thought that Mega-Duck was his evil twin brother because he almost had the same voice. Overall, I thought this show was pretty strange because darkwing duck was sometimes quite a coward and other times he was quite full of himself.
  • Childhood memories

    I remember this show from when I was little also. I was watching this about the same time I was watching DuckTales. Both shows had the character Launchpad the pilot. I can't remember Darkwing's real name... I remember his adopted daughter's name though, Goslen. When Toon Disney came out I was excited because I got to see some of my favorite cancelled shows, which included DarkWing. Toon Disney's changed since then however, so I guess DarkWing is just something that will remain off the air, even from a channel that was meant to be made for toon reruns.
  • This was such a great show!

    This show was great! Everything was right about it! I also loved the fact that Launchpad was in it, giving it more plus points. Also, I loved Darkwing's character. He was a bit cocky but I just loved his attitude. "Let's get Dangerous", one of my all-time favourite lines from a cartoon series. The plots were cool, and I loved the episodes with Nega-Duck in them. The Darkwing/Nega clash rocked! This was a fantastic sequel to the previous hit "Ducktales" and this really lived up to the name!

    It's a shame we don't have original and funny shows such as this one much anymore.
  • Darkwing helps but never leaves.

    Darkwing Duck follows the classic Disney Afternoon pattern of alternating between "show where the goal is to help other people" and "show where the goal is to make money."

    The Gummi Bears helped, Scrooge McD made money, the Rescue Rangers helped, Baloo & Cunningham were out for a buck, and finally we have Darkwing, who helps.

    But while all the other shows deal, in some part, with different cultures and social realities, Darkwing lives in the surrealistic and hermetic bubble of St. Canard, a city peopled with stylized villains and personality-less bystanders. There is no cross-cultural exchange and Darkwing never leaves the city that binds him; he is, in the final countdown, a quintessentially provincial character.
  • Perfect combination between Disney and superheroes!

    Disney usually means stuff for kids with a few exceptions. Darkwing Duck is one of them (together with Gargoyles and a very few movies).
    Of course Darkwing does resemble Batman a bit. They're both working with technical means instead of superhuman powers. To me that makes the series better. It has everything: good stories, suspense, humor, great characters and the best title song I've heard in a while.
    Therefore I was very sad to learn that it didn't run very long. Compared to other, far longer series, it was much better than most. Unfortunately the really interesting series adults can watch and being entertained by as well, don't seem to be popular with Disney.
  • "I am the terror that flaps in the night...!"

    How can anyone not like a show whose hero spouts his own narrative? Combining elements of "The Shadow", "Batman", and "Inspector Gadget", this show had a marvelous cast of characters, interesting plots, and, most importantly, enough "adult" humor and dialogue to keep parents watching with their kids! The art work, theme song, good guys, bad guys, and everything else, were well conceived and executed. Do you know why shows like this are hard to come by, in any form (book, TV, movie, theatre...)? It's because they are hard to conceive and harder still to execute! (okay, maybe that was a bit redundant, but, you get the idea!). Thank goodness they made him speak clearer than Donald! ; ) Anything bad about it? I think the "Justice Ducks" gimmick, which imitated the DC Comics' "Justice League..." was pushed a little too often (though I liked the aural pun of "Just Us Ducks"!). But, other than that, I didn't have a problem with it! (I didn't give it a "10" because nobody's perfect!) ; )
  • Darkwing Duck is about a generic, anthromophoric super hero who strikes fear in the hearts of all his enemies...too bad the media doesn't take him seriously.

    Darking Duck is out on a quest to become St. Canard's biggest hero, it's too bad that the media doesn't acknowledge his constant assitance, which is one of the reasons why I love Darkwing so much. Because he's proving himself to be a hero.

    You can recognize certain famous super villains and super heroes inside these characters, making it a parody of super hero lore. The satire regarding towards comic book heroes is quite clever and the writing is superb. Although there are at times where they could've done better. But then again, not even Disney is perfect.

    Darkwing Duck is a classic and I'm glad I purchased the DVD.
  • Let's get dangerous, DW!

    Cartoons didn't get much more entertaining than this. The duck angle was so cool b/c of course it made it more accessible to the younger kids, but it was still a crime fighting comedy. The hijinx in this cartoon was classic- especially between the lead Darkwing and Launchpad McQuack. In my older years, I see the parallel between these 2 loveable, goofy ducks and many other buddy cop dramas and comedies that come out in the movies-the show was that ON! And the tie-in using Launchpad in this cartoon and also in Ducktales, genius. I really miss good cartoons like this.
  • What's not to love? Superhero ducks are the best. Launchpad McQuack returns in this series to team up with Drake Mallard aka Darkwing Duck to clean the city of villains.

    Launchpad McQuack the screwy plane driver from Duck Tales returns this time as a screwy plane driver for Drake Mallard who just happens to be the superhero Dark Wingduck. Along side his daughter Gossalyn, Darkwing Duck and his friend Launchpad faught off evil villians with funny gadgets and unexpected help.
  • "Let's get dangerous." Disney surely doesn't make 'em like this anymore!

    Darkwing Duck is another one of my childhood memories that Disney actually did right. Darkwing was a great Disney hero that, although quite clumsy at points, was able to live up to being "the terror that flaps in the night" very often. The villains were great and creative that even the quirkiness they sometimes showed wouldn't leave you tuned out at all. I liked Megavolt best, he looked cool and was menacing when he had to be.
    The theme song was also pretty catchy and Launchpad made a great supporting character. Didn't really like the Muddlefoots though. Top notch voice acting, good animation, and the ensemble of characters made this show great. I even still love the phrase, "Let's get dangerous." Although I'd still say Gargoyles is Disney's best cartoon, let alone the best cartoon ever, Darkwing Duck will always remain one of Disney's elite cartoons. So, go ahead and enjoy it, you'll never see any more stuff like this from Disney.
  • Love it!

    Whenever I tell someone that I like this show the only ting I usually get out of them is, "Wow, that's an old show." It may be old, but it's got class. This is Disney gold in more ways than one. I love the fact that Darkwing is raising an adopted kid on his own, which shows heart for something on Toon Disney these days. I also love the variety of villans. The oddest one is when he fights, you know, the devil himself. It feels like a REAL victory for right and the good in the world. My personal favorite villan is Quackerjack because he's delightfully insane. This show is definately worth giving a try, at least.
  • Hey, all I can say is that I thought this was an absolutely awesome show. One of my all-time favorites of the early-90s Disney cartoons.

    Simply stated, Darkwing Duck is, to me, not just one of the best super-hero parody shows of all time, but one of the all-time best Disney animated programs of all time .... PERIOD! I mean, DWD contained not only a dynamite spoof of the entire "masked vigilante hero" genre, but also some rather heart-warming family fare. It IS a shame that this show isn't as well remembered as it should be (even though those that DO remember it typically remember it VERY fondly). In addition to DW himself, most of the rest of the regular and semi-regular cast were highly enjoyable too, especially DW's trusty sidekick, Launchpad, his incredibly spirited adopted daughter Gosalyn, boy genius next door Honker Muddlefoot, reformed criminal/sorceress girlfriend, Morgana McCawber and the rogue's gallery (DW also had one of the best rogue's galleries of any Disney animated hero).

    Excellent examples of this rogue's gallery include the suave metal-mouthed super-spy Steelbeak, the electrically powered lunatic Megavolt, the plant-powered nerd Bushroot, the utterly twisted evil twin Negaduck and especially the criminal mastermind turned killer cyborg Taurus Bulba. These baddies were DEFINITELY good at putting DW (who, despite his ego, could definitely show some legitimate wits and skill when his ego wasn't tripping him up) through his paces.

    All in all, I said it before and I'll say it again... Darkwing Duck is, most definitely, a truly great old cartoon that deserves MUCH more respect than to be forgotten by all but the most loyal Disney fans.
  • A great show! It should come back on air.

    This is a spectacular cartoon. I watched it when I was 2, and I still like it. I think this show should be brought back on air! Why can't Disney make more cartoons like this? And where are the DVDs? This is #1 on my list of top three favorite cartoons. What makes me sad is how it's hard to find videos of this show, but I'll keep searching. My favorite characters are Gosalyn and Morgana's bats Eek and Squeak. I never understood why Archie the Spider never spoke, just grumbled. This cartoon is a masterpiece, and hopefully will be brought back.
  • A great sendup of the superhero genre; 'Darkwing' is a true gem.

    The fifth cartoon in the Disney Afternoon lineup and definitely one of the most recognizable. I admit that I loved Adventures of the Gummi Bears, DuckTales and Chip n' Dale Rescue Rangers. TaleSpin I never got into (I just never saw what the characters from "The Jungle Book" had to do with cargo piloting) but Darkwing Duck more than made up for it.

    I am sure that we have all have some memory of Darkwing Duck. From his trademark openings to the villains he had to conquer, Darkwing Duck was a truly memorable series.

    I am also sure we know the history of a typical superhero; they either do it out of a severe case of morality or a life-changing event that due to some psychological trauma, causes them to start to form an alternate identity. Not so with Darkwing. He doesn't do any of that; he simply fights crime and defends St. Canard due to an ego streak.

    He's not alone in his quest; coming back from DuckTales is LaunchPad McQuack, an undeniable hero in his own right, Gosalyn, his free-spirited adopted daughter and her brainiac friend Honker Muddlefoot, along with former sorceress/thief turned girlfriend Morgana McCawber. There is certainly chemistry between them and they are willing to go to great lengths for Darkwing and vice-versa; it lends a strong case of loyalty and heart to the show.

    Another character that was borrowed from DuckTales was Gizmo Duck, who I enjoyed because he gave a strong contrast to Darkwing--he is everything Darkwing isn't supposed to be. While Gizmo Duck fights crime out of a sense of justice and undenying heroism, Darkwing does it only to push himself as a great character (c'mon, the idea that superheroes are fighting crime without wanting to push themselves into becoming action figures is ridiculous all on its own).

    The villains Darkwing fights are also a diverse crowd; the former toymaker turned Joker sendup Quacker Jack, the salesman-talking Liquidator, the electrically-charged Megavolt, the "I'm not really evil. I'm just lonely" Dr. Bushroot, the suave and smooth-talking Steelbeek, the mechanically-inclined Moliarty, and the psychotically evil Bizzaro Darkwing Negaduck. I felt these villains where the strongest in Darkwing's 'Hall of Shame' and they got many great episodes.

    If there are any flaws I can see, it is that not all issues are fully explained; as an example, the original idea of Negaduck is that he is Darkwing's evil side galvanized by Megavolt's tron splitter; yet in later episodes, he is a seperate entity with no explanation as to what he had to do with the previous character (a future episode was supposed to be made to explain the link, but it never got made. I heard reports that it was mighty confusing--although I am REALLY sure the kids would completely understand the episode 'Twin Beaks'.)

    Another issue that might drag it down is the idea that I am not sure the show is aging properly; what may have been cool and popular in the early 1990s might not be as intriguing today; the shows kid-friendly theme (no extreme violence) and the aforementioned 'unexplainables' might be a little more evident today than it was back then.

    Regardless, I will still strongly recommend this fine show; it is deserving of it's recognizable attributes. Here's hoping a future remake will be done in the future. Nothing else to say but "Let's Get Dangerous!"
  • when i was young i loved this show a true disney classic that will be rememberd

    When i was 2-5 this was the one and only cartoon i watched i had evrey tape that came out for it and had even shirts of it. I was kinda dissapionted when the show was ceanceled i asked my mom why it was cenceled it stop on like season 2 then a year later for some odd reason it came back on for like 3 month then it was gon again whired. Then i finally grew out of it like whn i turned eight it came in agian it puzzeld me. who know why all this happend maybe the rateing whent up and douwn.
  • When Disney use to be great.

    Before Disney has its ups and downs, they use to show great animated cartoons, most of them simply original and some inspirational. Darkwing Duck is no exception in their work of line-ups.

    The show, which is somewhat of a satire to the hero genre, revolves around hero wannabe Darkwing Duck, otherwise known as Drake Mallard, who protects the city of St. Canard from diabolical villains such as Megavolt, and gains help from courageous Gosalyn and his sidekick Launch Mcpad.

    If only Disney could pull off a similar move like they did with this show...
  • I never know why Darkwing Duck was an important account than i was young but after a few years now i realised his success.

    This show celebrating yet his 15th birthday this year was a very enjoyable and entertaining series for old and youngs. One of my favourite characters of the series was of course Lunchpad, a re-used character from the cult series "Ducktales". Like the series of this years, it was a mix of action and comedy with a bit of moral values. It was also a shame to don't like this series because it's so original and more innovative than the crappy and ugliest cartoon shows air today like "Brandy & Mr. Whiskers". Ijust mean that Darkwing Duck is one of most spectacular animated Disney shows ever created and nobody told me the otherwise.

    Yes. Other great Disney show of the glorious days of the cult block The Disney Afternoon
  • I grew in the 90's and this was a great show in the 90's.I was surprised that it got cancelled so fast for such a great show. The summary is Drake Mallard is the superhero Darkwing Duck. Along with his sidekick Launchpad and his feisty daughter Gosalyn th

    One of the best early 90's cartoons. When I was online I was surprised it got cancelled within a season. This show was pretty good. I liked Drake Mallard always switching to hillarious Darkwing Duck. Darkwing is a funny character and the predicaments and stories he always gets into are hillarious. I also like Gosalyn and Launchpad they were two hillarious characters. A show this good shouldn't have been cancelled so early. I loved the theme song also, it's hard to get it out of my head. Oh well atleast it's still on Toon Disney. So I guess it isn't completely gone.
  • "Darkwing Duck" proudly displays what a cartoon should be. Disney did a masterful job with this early 90's production. Incorporating both action and humor, plus entertaining villains into the crime fighting mix, this show was something special.

    "Darkwing Duck" proudly displays what a cartoon should be. Disney did a masterful job with this early 90's production. Incorporating both action and humor, plus entertaining villains into the crime fighting mix, this show was something special. The characters are all humorous in their own way. Each one has the uncanny ability to entertain, and each one only serves to make the show better. A major plus was that there were just enough main villains to give the viewer some variety, yet not so many that they couldn't grow attached to them. Each villain reappears throughout the series quite commonly. Apart from the characters and the great storylines, "Darkwing Duck" puts forth an amazing sound reel and musical score. The theme song alone is still one of the better theme songs ever to grace the small screen (at least for cartoons anyway). The animation quality is classic 90's Disney; 2-D and fantastic. This show really proves that you don't need computer animation to make a masterpiece.

    My final review: One of the best Disney cartoons ever, and nearly the cream of the crop in cartoons in general, this show is definately something worth watching. A MUST SEE!
  • Great adventures and cartoon antics, everything I love. Disney best show based on or around super hero shows.

    This is one of my favorite shows that I used to watch on The Disney Afternoon and then later on Toon Disney Channel. This show has made me laugh many times and has great stories, and the villains though bizarre are really cool, I also like how most of them got episodes that explained their origin. My personal favorite villain is Megavolt. Darkwing was a hero who sometimes let things go to his head but then later realized more important things, and that's something I also really like seeing in a show. Also being a fan of DuckTales as well, it's cool how Launchpad became Darkwing's sidekick. The episode also deliver that cartoon humor I love, it has a lot cartoon gags and plots that any fan of cartoon antics would love. I hope it comes out on DVD at some point or hopefully my "Make a Disney Channel for Classic Shows" Petition will get enough signatures for a new Disney channel exclusivly for classic shows owned by the Walt Disney Company and the ones in assossiation with it.

    More I like about this, another show which I hate "Teamo Supremo" seems to have something in common with this, they were liike the Super Hero shows, Teamo was BADLY written and had absolutly horrible action and insultingly had characters that insulted other characters from super hero shows, this one however was based off them well and had villains who were a little more original sometimes, though I could say many comic villains who have stuff in common with others and many of them a humorusly and greatly parodied well. If Disney wanted another super hero show based on comics, they should have just made a sequel to this series, this show was well written and had great storylines, for the younger generation who love super heroes.

    I would recommend this to many Disney fans of the duck cartoons and super heroes, and other humor lovers, this was the best super hero show from Disney EVER, a great Action/Adventure/Humor show.
  • Daring duck of mystery, the darkwing of the night!

    I remember coming home everyday after school and turning on the televsion waiting for Darkwing Duck. He was one of the greatest Disney shows ever made. You had the cool gadgets and the great supervillans, such as my personal favorite Negaduck. I hope that Disney will make boxsets for this show, because I know that I will be one of the first to buy it.
  • SINGED, but triumphant!!!!

    AMAzing alll I have tto say, hilarious, darkwing duck was just palin fun, I loved it, you wiill like the characters, and love darkwings oneliners. every episode is pretty much the same thing over and over, but still I had no problem with it, if a formula aint broke then dont fix it. I am just going to try and waste words now to make it to 100. LLl l l l l l l k k l o u h h i h i h vg ty gt yu g uy hg u g y gf y guy gy gyu g
  • Darkwing Duck is the embodiment of what we all strive to attain just like he does - recognition, love, and personal achievement.

    How is it that a vain duck can capture an audience back in the 90's? It's very rare that a satirical Disney character like Darkwing Duck catches my attention ever since their current downward spiral to nothingness. However, I don't think it would be fair to compare it to some of the Disney cartoons nowadays (which are few and awful to say the least) like The Emperor's New School - need I say more?

    I understand where Disney was going when they created Darkwing Duck. Here's a vainglorious mallard that seems to barely touch the skirt of fame. Despite their other stereotypical heroes, DWD was an underdog of the best sorts, and it touches upon playful satire of the comic heroes of its days. I sometimes wonder with deep curiosity how DWD would be like if it were developed in today's society, influenced by culture, counter-culture, and political issues. It probably wouldn't be as successful.
  • Launchpad Mcquack is Darkwing and Gosalyn´s friends

    Launchpad Mcquack´s friends are:Scrooge Mcduck,Huey,Dewey and Louie Duck,Gyro de Gearloose,Doofus Drake,Webby Vanderquack,Gizmo Duck/Fenton Crackshell,Drake Mallard/Darkwing duck and Gosalyn Mallard.His rivals are:Taurus Bulba,Magica de Spell,the Beagles Boys,Flinheart Glomgold,Nega Duck,Bushroot,The Liquidator,Quacker Jack and Megavolt. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  • A Disney animated series about the crime-fighting masked mallard with his good old sidekick and his adopted daughter.

    Darkwing Duck was one of the most amazing animated series I have ever seen ever since I was a little girl. I would give up anything to bring it back. Heck, it should have been made into a movie, too, and I would go see it with my family, too. I wish there was a fourth season; it isn't fair that it had to be cancelled. In other words, this was one of the best action-packed adventure I have ever seen in my evtire life. I miss good old Darkwing Duck. I am sure that he is still getting dangerous inside my heart.
  • Let's get dangerous!

    I finally got to see some of these episodes for the first time in years! It's just as awesome as I remember it! I used to watch it ALL the time and thought it was so funny. The theme song is very catchy and I still remembered it after all these years.
  • Take a gander at the main page ;)

    This show was awesome! I loved everything about it... a hapless hero, a kind hearted yet simple sidekick and killer villians. It was the perfect spoof of Batman and you could not help but fall in love with the series! Who could resist the constant battles of Darkwing Vs. Megaduck or the one sided rivalry of Darkwing and Gizmoduck? This show rocked!!!
  • negaduck VS darkwingduck history

    when darkwingduck and negaduck where young they had the same parents only negaduck whas he's evil brother and always whas jalous bout darkwingduck and you maybe wonder how i know these stuff well i'm going to tell you now you have darkwings adopted child can't remember her name tho anyway she and her friend with the glasses are in the future and they asked to an old man were darkwing duck came from because darkwing just showed up one day on earth so they wondered and they saw someone whas cleaning so they asked him because they sawed he's statue and the old man starts telling about the past from darkwingduck and were he came from when darkwings and negaduck were young they lived on a planet called ..... can't answer that one to bad anyway they lift on an other planet and things were going wrong on that planet because he's evil brother negaduck they were always fighting so negaduck pulled out the plugs from a machine so the whole planet would explode to bad it exploded but for darkwings sake he's parents putted him into a rocket and blowed him straight to earth but for negaduck it whas to late the planet exploded ..... you must think negaduck whas dead no negaduck took advantage of the opportunity and also fly with darkwing but darkwingduck duck doesn't know so their final stop whas in the mountains thats were negaduck dissapeared and started training but darkwingduck to so darkwing lived with the monks and they helped him with he's fighting training and build up skills and after years of training he went to a town kinda nice tho so he started working in shops so he could buy he's house and then he started living after that but there whas one thing darkwing didn't know that he had A BROTHER !!!!!! he forgot about he's brother so things were getting interresting when he whas getting older he decided to start helping people by getting a hero for them good you think... NO !! WRONG thats when troubles came up he's brother revealed himself and started to make troubles in the city because negaduck whas robbing banks and had friends that are not so friendly but darkwing duck has a friend thats called turbo and he's smart not so smart with thinking but making machines and stuff that darkwingcan use so darkwing whas going to fight the crime and clean the city and so he started living and after that alles darkwing dies on a viral hart disease and nega duck whas counting he's old days after all things were solved by darkwingduck OUR HERO and after hearing that story darkwings daughter and he's friend were amazed and they started wright story's about him so darkwing won't be forgotten and thats the end of darkwing's past and negaduck
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