Darkwing Duck

ABC (ended 1992)





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  • best cartoon and best story and best crime series

    hi i am 21 and i watch Disney channel since 1993 and yeah i remember the time we need to order disney channel to watch for one year and that when the magic and that when i got in love with disney. i know the show but never had chance to watch because it air when i am in school and yeah i was 6 year old i watch goof troop and aladdin and mickey mouse and more and i still remember the line up for it. i miss all my shows so much. this show is amazing great cartoon and best crime and i will watch it over and over. i think they need to add more villeins in show. but still i love it. if they bring this show back on tv i will wake up like how i always wake up in morning when disney channel was full of magic. when i watch goof troop i sing with it and laugh so hard and eat breakfast. i am big disney fan. then i stop watch disney channel and toon disney for 2 years. when 2006 start i got directv in march 2006 and then i watch toon disney and disney channel then when sept 2006 hit i was searching threw my tivo and finding what new and back on tv and i found buzz and timon and mermaid on sept 6 yeah i was happy then so on search more and more i found goof troop back for one day and then other series to. then they brought goof back so good now i still watch it over and over. so i want to see what will 2008 will be for me.
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