Darkwing Duck - Season 3

ABC (ended 1992)




Episode Guide

  • Extinct Possibility
    Extinct Possibility
    Episode 13
    Darkwing is asked to investigate a mysterious museum find; Darkwing himself encased in amber.
  • Malice's Restaurant
    Malice's Restaurant
    Episode 12

    Morgana opens up a new restaurant, but Darkwing forgets to cancel the guests coming there: The Cute Little Lost Bunnies! Negaduck tries to turn the C.L.L.B. evil, but his plans are constantly failing.

  • Mutantcy on the Bouncy
    Goyslyn, working for her school newspaper, covers the three way battle between the Rubber Chicken, Cement-head and Darkwing Duck.
  • Clash Reunion
    Clash Reunion
    Episode 10
    Drake attends his high school reunion, but it turns out that Megavolt was also a member of Drake's class.
  • Fraudcast News
    Fraudcast News
    Episode 9
    A news reporter wants to film Darkwing Duck on his cases. But she thinks what Darkwing is doing is too boring. So she becomes a villain for DW to fight so her ratings will go up. But Goyslyn, who idolizes her, has joined her.
  • Hot Spells
    Hot Spells
    Episode 8
    Darkwing and Gosalyn go with Morgana to her old magic school, where Morgana is to present her paper. Gosalyn tries to find a short cut to learning magic, but hoodwinked into using forbidden spells. By using the forbidden spells she allows of Beelzebub to steal Darkwings soul. Can Gosalyn and Morgana find some way into tricking him into letting Darkwing go?moreless
  • Paint Misbehavin'
    Paint Misbehavin'
    Episode 7
    Darkwing is to appear as the guest of honor at a comic book convention, while Splatter Phoenix terrorizes the town by improving boring art.
  • The Frequency Fiends

    Darkwing's new weapon hits Gosalyn. Although she's perfectly fine, 3 new beings are created, all of which look like Gosalyn, but have powers based on different frequencies: Heatwave (Red), Lightwave (Yellow), and Radiowave (Green). D.W. enlists Megavolt's help, but an untrusting Darkwing messes things up ("Positive, Positive, POSITIVE!"). Now the 3 Frequency Fiends are combined into 1 super-being, and it's up to the combined efforts of D.W., Launchpad, Goz, and Megavolt to stop them!

  • The Steerminator
    The Steerminator
    Episode 5
    F.O.W.L. rebuilds Taurus Bulba into a death machine, hoping to create a new agent from him. Bullba refuses their offer and burns only with the desire to have revenge on Darkwing. To make matters worse, a recent accident has Darkwing in a wheelchair. Can he defeat a new and improved Terminator machine in his condition?moreless
  • Star Crossed Circuits
    D.W. gets the D-2000 super-computer! While it seems to be perfect, Launchpad feels it's replacing him as sidekick, and Gosalyn is fed up with not getting away with anything, and introduces it to Launchpad's soap-operas. Soon, even Darkwing wants the machine gone when it falls in love with him. Darkwing finally tells the computer system it's getting unplugged when he gets to the tower, at which point it goes berserk and decides that if it can't have D.W. no one else will!moreless
  • Revenge of the Brainteasers, Too
    Honker has become a galactic hero after foiling Flog and his companions from ruling the galaxy (in Battle of the Brainteasers). The body-stealing hats from outer space break free from captivity, bent once again to rule or destroy the universe - this time with a grudge against the young genius.
  • Inherit the Wimp
    Inherit the Wimp
    Episode 2
    Helping with Gosalyn's homework, Darkwing shows her famous Mallards from history. She sneaks back into time with Quackerjack's timetop and brings them to the present. None of them seem to be as great as they were thought to be. When Megavolt steals Darkwing and Launchpad's nervous energy, the failures have a chance to prove they are heroes at heart.moreless
  • Monsters R Us
    Monsters R Us
    Episode 1
    Darkwing visits Morgana's parent's house and meets her family, who are upset to find out that she is dating a normal. Will Darkwing survive his visit with the McCawber family?