Darkwing Duck

Season 1 Episode 53

Stressed to Kill

Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM Nov 20, 1991 on ABC

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  • Darkwing is stressed out so he tries something to make him relax.

    Darkwing and Launchpad are patrolling and they come across some strange crimes. The eventually find out taht it is Quackerjack and Megavolt behind the crimes and Darkwing overreacts when they confront the two criminals and because of that, they are able to escape. Darkwing decides that he needs to learn to relax. After trying it by a book that Launchpad had, he decides it's time to see a professional. He goes to the office and just as he finds out that it's Quackerjack and Megavolt, he is hit with the relaxitron. Now Darkwing is completly relaxed and nothing bothers him not even...
  • Quackerjack and Megavolt are robbing the city of St.Canard by making everybody so calm they don't care that they are being robbed. Darkwing also becomes a victim of their "stress free clinic". So when the city starts burning, things start getting ugly.

    That's right, Quackerjack and Megavolt in the same episode. So what could possibly go wrong? Nothing it seems. This is a very different episode where Quackerjack and Megavolt must save the city themselves. One of the most well written episodes that is filled with great and memeroable moments. Such as Quackerjack's "Fire Engine".

    Megavolt: Nice shooting Quacky, but isn't a fire engine supposed to spray water?
    Quackerjack: Offcourse not, then it would be a water engine.

    A great episode featuring two great villains.