Darkwing Duck

Season 2 Episode 1

That Sinking Feeling

Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM Sep 07, 1991 on ABC



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    • Moliarty: (As he drinking a soda and eating a hot dog) All the delicacies of the surface world are laid out before me. It's a pity they were out of ketchup.
      Soldier: Moliarty! It's Darkwing Duck!
      Moliatry: Please I'm eating. This isn't the time to discuss slug lunches.
      Solider: But he is loose and attacking our troops.
      Moliatry: (Spits out soda) WHAT!This isn't a joke is it. I would hate that.
      Solider: No sir.
      Moliatry: I hate it anyway.I want him gone. I want him humiliated. I want him run down and bring his remains to me.
      Solider: Yes sir.
      Moliatry:And I want some ketchup too.

    • Darkwing: The daring Darkwing Duck defies death yet again, and defeats the dastardly denizens of darkness!

    • Darkwing: The city of St. Canard is home to a thousand criminals, but not one of them dares make a move, for this city has a guardian who hunts them like a phantom in the darkness. I am that guardian. I am the terror that flaps in the night. I am the winged scourge that pecks at your nightmares. I am... Darkwiiiiing Duck! And I am... totally bored out of my skull!

    • Moliarty: It's amazing my brilliance doesn't blind people.

    • Darkwing: I am the number 90 sunblock that will stop your burn!

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    • Ducktales

      At the end of the episode, Gosalyn thinks of various monikers should she follow in Darkwing's footsteps in becoming a superhero. The first mentioned is the Masked Mallard, a superhero name that was already used by Scrooge McDuck in the same-titled episode of DuckTales.

    • Fantastic Four

      Moliarity is partially based on the Fantastic Four subterranean villain, Moleman.

    • It's like the chicken said, "I knew the job was dangerous when I took it": The chicken in question is Super Chicken who was the star of one of the three repeated cartoon segments on the George of the Jungle cartoon.