Darkwing Duck

Season 1 Episode 54

The Darkwing Squad

Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM Nov 21, 1991 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • In a short scene when the three sharks are chasing Darkwing, they are swimming down a hallway and it should still be in the aquarium.

    • In the short scene where the 8x10 glossies are on the message board, there are five pictures. The one is the middle looks like a monkey character. Wonder if there were supposed to be five and not four in the Darkwing Squad?

  • Quotes

    • (Grizzlikof and Steelbeak are walking through an aquarium)
      Grizzlikof: You promised me a shot at Darkwing Duck.
      Steelbeak: P-P-P-P-Patience, my furry friend. That's where, ta-da, Pearl comes in. (A giant clam opens with a giant pearl inside) Hey, you can't bait a mousetrap without some cheese, right? And, ba-boom, you're looking at genuine Darkwing Gorgonzola.

    • Steelbeak: Now, with your induction into F.O.W.L. servitude, you get your very own T-shirt, matching cap, and fleece-lined baseball jacket and a hand embroidered F.O.W.L. logo. But hold your pants and spit out your gum, because that's not all. You'll take up residence in F.O.W.L.'s very own time-share condo on the beaches of Maui with your delighful F.O.W.L. comrades.
      Grizzlikof: Enough. There is nothing you can be offering me that would make me join your gang of hoodlums.
      Steelbeak: Oh, yeah? Well, how's about the job of terminating Darkwing Duck?
      Grizzlikof: Now, chicken, you are talking turkey. Tell me more.

    • Steelbeak: Yeah, right. Like a bunch of costumed clones, a gimp-winged group, is gonna stop us.

    • Darkwing: Instincts are the best stincts.

    • (Smashes an Eggman with a clay pot)
      Darkwing: Ha! Another felon potted by Darkwing Duck!

    • Darkwing: Nothing like a side order of scrambled Eggmen.

    • Darkwing: He's the burro who kicks in the night. Darkwing Donkey. Here is the pup who barks when he bites. Darkwing Dog. She's the doe who leaps higher than kites. Darkwing Deer. Who's the bird who pecks at your plight? Darkwing Dodo.

    • Darkwing Squad: We are the team that fights in the night. We are the beaters that scramble your egg men. We are... (Get caught in net)
      Steelbeak: Really dumb.

    • Darkwing: I am the principal you were sent to see!

  • Notes

    • As of February 2013, this is the last episode of the series to have received a DVD release.

    • In this episode, there was a scene that hasn't been aired in the televised version of this episode. In the scene, Grizzilkof barges in with Darkwing tied up and threatens to kill him by holding up a gun to his head, but threw him into the water to feed him to the sharks. Because of that, the barging in and the gun to the head part was removed in the airing.

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