Darkwing Duck

Season 1 Episode 61

The Quiverwing Quack

Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM Dec 02, 1991 on ABC



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    • Reporter: That was an amazing rescue. What's your name, hero?
      Gosalyn: Ah, yep. You and the folks at home can call me Quiverwing Quack! And this is my sidekick the Arrowkid.
      Honker: Hi. Wha! (falls down)
      Launchpad: (to Darkwing) Gee, you never introduce me to the press.

    • Negaduck: (Runs to Darkwing while Darkwing was juggling the bombs) WHAT?!? I am totally public enemy number one!
      Darkwing: Am not. I'll show you. Here, hold these a second. (Gives Negaduck the bombs and Negaduck starts to juggle them while Darkwing pulls out the public enemies list) See? Right behind Doctor Slug.
      Negaduck: Doctor Slug. He couldn't slime his way out of a paper bag. GIVE ME THAT! (Snatched the public enemies list from Darkwing while Negaduck gave him back the bombs) Number 2? THAT DOES IT! THIS TOWN IS TOAST!
      (Explosion from off screen)
      Darkwing: Oh good. I'll get the marmalade. (Falls to the ground)

    • Negaduck: Ooh, Darkwing Duck! I'm so scared!
      Darkwing: You should be!
      Negaduck: I'm more afraid of early hair loss!

    • Negaduck: Well, that oughta buy me a few points on the old hit parade. Think I'll go over to the convalescent home and kick some shins!

    • Gosalyn: I am Quiverwing Quack, the hero who gives crooks the shaft! Pretty cool slogan, huh?

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