Darkwing Duck

Season 2 Episode 7

Tiff of the Titans

Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM Oct 19, 1991 on ABC

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  • Gizmo comes to St.Canard, and it makes Darkwing very mad.

    Gizmo doesn't like Darkwing Duck. he stops F0WL from stealing a giant robotic bird/plane in Duckburg.

    a General says the robot will go to St.Canard. Fenton is happy to see his old pal Lanchpad. Drake doesn't like him staying, and using his robe. blah blah blah, fight over bomb, city loves Gizmo duck.

    Drake is really annoyed with all Gizmoduck's attention and Fenton is happy with the Cheerleaders.
    after turning off tv show of Gizmoduck.
    Drake-if i wanted to watch a clown, i'd tune into a Congressinal hearing.
    [can't spell]
    Drake can't stand Gizmo or Fenton. Fenton is so nice and a tiny bit annoying but Gizmo is so annoyingly goody goody.

    Darkwing and Gizmo on another mission. Gizmo comes in.
    Dw- oh great, the comic releif is here.
    Gizmo and DW start to fight, Steelbeak thinks is so weak and steals the robot.
    drowning in yoke, DW actually helps Gizmo.
    Gizmo-Darkwing, i was wrong about u, and i'm hero enough to admitt it.
    DW- what a relief to know.
    Gizmo-tough i still think ur crimefighting style is disruptive, diveious and disturbed.
    DW-from u that's a complentment.

    Gizmo break's DW's motorcycle, acciendant, and DW has to ride on Gizmo. whle playing with the robot Steelbeak sees DW& Gizmo and thinks he can kill 2 birds with one stone, hits statue.
    blah blah blah, Steelbeak bites gun, Gizmo is stil a dope.steelbeak is fighting with DW, and winning. but everything turns out ok.

    Drake, Goslyn, Honker and Lp are eating cookies while watching tv, Fenton is leaving.