Darkwing Duck

Season 1 Episode 52

Time and Punishment

Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM Nov 19, 1991 on ABC

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    A better than Average epsiode in which Hero goes insane with LAW and Order. Interestingly its the INSANE DW who takes over St canard not the criminal Negaduck.
  • Darkwing is pursuing Quacker Jack and Megavolt and refuses to let Gosselyn come along. She of course goes and gets stuck to the Time Top and is travels to a pristine future and the biggest crime is not flossing. Darkwing Duck is now Darkwarrior Duck.

    This is my favorite episode!

    This is a different type of episode that, of course, that making people do that right thing is as wrong as letting everyone get away with everything. The people of Saint Canard live with the 'freedom' of knowing that they can walk home safely at night (as long as it before 9 o'clock) and even sleep with their doors unlocked (if they wish), but they fear of doing the wrong thing themselves. They are forced to go to bed before 9 o'clock, eat healthy, floss and leave those annoying tags on their pillows or they'll be sent to prison with no trail and release date.

    Darkwing, become so obsessed with making world a better place, in memory of Gosselyn, he made a place that she couldn\'t live in. Of course in the end his love for her enables her to go back and change the world for the better.

    It's a little sappy, but I like it.
  • Dark Warrior Duck

    This is my second favoarate episode of the show, it's sort of a loose parody on Frank Miller's "The Dark Knight Returns" we pritty much see what happens when Darkwing takes his war against crime to the extreme.

    This episode is blackly hillarous, I really loved seeing Darkwing in his new costume, let alone title which sounds so much cooler, but most of all the tank he drives I really love the design and the capabilities.

    There are just so many great moments, I really like how it satires and parodies on the concept of taking the law to extremes. Each is just hillarous and ridiculous because their of wrongs that aren't that big of a deal, like that fact that if you deface property with greffedi you get the death penalty or if you eat food materal that could increase your cholestraol level then you go to jail without trial or parole.

    One favorate of my in when we see Dark Warrior's plan of going back to Babalyon and then giving the death penelty on tracking mud in the house or for coveting wives (that one I'll admit is strange).

    We can see this extreme system works because it has made St. Canard safer and clean but the problem is it works too well because it has destroyed freedom which makes it wrong.

    But the episode is also a bit touching as the moral shows how one life truely does matter and can touch another life in a very big way. There is a bit of emotion as we see how the loss of Goslyn has made him broken and has lead him to where he is now. And I felt Goslyn was at her best trying to set the record straight with Dark Warrior.

    My only gripe is that I don't feel the futuristic St. Canard is explored enough but that's a minor gripe I can get past.

    One person of the present truely does matter for their the ones that help shape the future.
  • Gosalyn travels to the future with Megavolt and Quackerjack only to find out that Darkwing Duck has gone mad. Darkwing Duck is no more, Darkwarrior Duck is the new crimefighter.

    Yes, this was another superb episode(but i say that abot almost every episode in this great series, so what's the deal?). It was really dark at times, especially the scene where Darkwing is about to shoot Gosalyn. And at the same time it managed to be funny all through. Who can forget the scene where Darkwing wants to travel back in time changing the laws and punish even the tiniest of "crime" with death-penalty. My second favorite episode, only beaten by Jail Bird.
  • The Darkwing of the future is now Darkwarrior Duck.

    Gosalyn accidentally gets caught up in Quackerjack's Time Top when he and Megavolt go to the future to wreck have and steal futuristic items. Once they get to the future, they find that St. Canard is now under the protection of Darkwarrior Duck. It seems that Gosalyn's disappearance caused Darkwing Duck to change his way of dealing with crime into a very harsh and unforgiving way. Gosalyn knows that she must return to the past to stop this future from becoming a reality. She has to enlist the help of the future Launchpad, Megavolt and Quackerjack. They are confronted by Darkwarrior Duck and...
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